Physio 3 – to get back running

Sp I have my plan going forward for my physio / rehab. It’s been going well so far, even though I’ve been active most days with little rest, my cross training seems to be helping.

I’ll keep my training as it has been, more or less as above and what I mentioned in my last post, but I’ll change the exercises up, and build on keeping consistent with hopefully running strong 5ks two times a week.

Here are the exercises I’ll be doing, 5/7 days, on my non running days.

I’ll do some trial and error and find out if I’m ok to do the two swims a week, or if one is enough. It does tire me out, so it could be better to have a rest day instead perhaps.

I’m also going to get some short fins which I’ll be able to use in Tollcross, and also do some kick sets (fins or no fins) to build up / work my leg some more. I’ll post a pic once they arrive. 🤪

My next physio session is in the middle of July, so I’m the meantime I’ll settle with the running, and listen to my body and hopefully in the next month or so I should be able to increase the mileage. I’m using a pain scale of up to 10, and at the moment it’s at 0-1 so I hope to stay somewhere around that (it’s mostly been 1-2).

All of this is as recommended by my physio, Olivia at KM Woods physio on Royal Crescent in Finnieston. She knows her stuff and I’m keen to work with her and do what I can to hopefully overcome my injury and get back running some time this year!

Wish me luck! 🤗

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