Birthday week, wk25 into wk26

I’m what felt like a very long and very good week… it started with my birthday on Monday… my first birthday working since I can remember, and it was followed by a great first full week in my new job, and a good solid week of training too.

I had a nice day on my birthday, an early morning walk with Fit Girl, then a lot of training and meetings at work, and some nice presents and cards too.

I got two of these cards lol. And two ice cream related cards too.

I got some new vest tops, a nice new mug with elephants on it, a changing towel, a water bottle, a nice scarf, a rainbow keyring, and an ice cream making kit too.

We went out for a good lunch on Sunday in town at bar and block. And then we went out for dinner at the Bothy on my birthday evening. Lucky I’m training a lot to burn all the food off.

I had a nice start to the week anyway, made better by a good team environment and a great culture in my new work, it seems.

Here’s what I did training wise:

2 runs, 5k each time, 2 strength sessions, physio exercises 5 days, a good spin session, 2 swims and a couple of foam rolling and stretching. Along with nearly 14 miles walking (most of it today).

My run on Tuesday was good – hardly any pain in my leg, I was hopeful that the physio and cross training was working. Then on Friday for my 5k I felt a bit of pain about 10 mins in, then it eased off and I continued to finish 5k.

Here’s my usual breakfast – Skyr yoghurt mixed with summer fruits protein powder, blue berries, raspberries and walnut pieces. V tasty. Plus a coffee or two. And sometimes a banana as a second breakfast. It was nice to have it in the sun a few days too.

Wednesday was 45 mins spin with Sherica … intervals and good chat from her. Sweaty effort from me.

I popped out for a quick lunchtime wall one day, but my favourite training was my swims this week.

Back to the pool to see how I got on with it. The Gorbals is my closest look that’s open, an it’s a reasonable £3 pay as you go, with good online booking and covid rules in place for safety too.

I was going to be a little careful in my first swim and do a mile, or 64 lengths and see how it was. But I felt I had more to give so finished it off by doing 80 all together.

Previously years ago I experienced quite odd side effects, over heating or feeling cold, perhaps dehydration, or perhaps a reaction to chlorine, who knows. But on Thursday it was fine. And again today.

I posted my swim sets in the last post …. (With a slight error on the second one… just 80 lengths, not 90, just 10 lengths warm up).

Today I added some single leg kicking with my right leg on my pull sets… above is what I tweaked it to and it was fine. I had a nice sunny walk to and from the pool too.

I received a nice present the other day, a belated birthday present from my friend… some nice Mr Men biscuits.

And this is me after my second run of the week in the garden, on Friday.

Here’s me in the garagym showing just how tight and perhaps short my hamstrings are. I can only touch my toes properly if I bend my knees. Hopefully all of the physio I’m doing will help to lengthen them.

And here was me on Saturday, doing 30 mins strength with Sam. A mixture of 2 sets of 6 exercises, including squats, deadlifts and lunges… a lot of leg work.

Lucky for me I was taken out for brunch after it… steak eggs and chips! Then I had a good afternoon helping someone apply for a blue badge and get them set up with a new smart phone, and I phoned some family too.

I am a bit tired today, but no wonder after 2k swimming and about 8 miles walking. I should sleep well tonight!

If I’m up for it tomorrow morning, I’ll do a run of between 2-3 miles. Then my training is planned as follows, with some random walks in there too:

The weather is due to improve next week, so that’ll be nice. It was so nice this morning I probably should have gone for an open water swim rather than a pool swim, but I’ll consider that some future weekends.

Hope you have a good week ahead.

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