First pool swim in a long time

After my little dip in a couple of lochs and the sea in the last month or so, it reminded me how much I enjoy(ed) swimming and I figured it would be good to try to get back into, in the pool again.

When I was a student, I did this, and got a real focus on it – I swam three times a week in the mornings. Starting more or less from scratch, I knew how to swim but I wanted to get good at it. So I practiced and practiced, swimming 3,000m each time I went.

Looking back that was probably a lot (120 lengths of a 25m pool), but I improved my stroke, streamlining abs tumble turns and cut 25 minutes off my overall time!

I learned to swim on holiday and in school… and then it was in uni that I really got into it. And after uni, I became a swimming teacher part time and taught lots of Glasgow kids.

Maybe 10 years ago I would do 80 lengths, or 2,000m when I went. But about 5 years ago I seemed to take a reaction to the pool / chorine after swims… so I drifted away from it.

But today, the plan was to go to the Gorbals, and go in at 7am, with the aim of swimming a mile (64 lengths) and see how that felt. I also wanted to time how long it would all take to fit in with work.

I was there 10 mins early, with no traffic, it takes about 5 mins to get there and maybe 10 mins to get back. I met a nice guy called Jim at the door, who was also early and eager, due to it being his first time back swimming in 18 months or so.

The booking system for Glasgow Life is good, and the covid set up is good too. £3 for a swim, paid online via the app when you book. You can add the booking to your calendar, and you can book a week in advance. Easy peasy.

Today I did the following set:

5x100m FC Swim / FC pull
250m FC Pull
250m FC swim
50m BS
250m FC Pull
250m FC swim
50m FC swim
64 lengths / 1600m

That took about 35 mins including rest, so I figured I might as well round it up to 80 lengths, or 2,000m, like I used to. And I would see how long that would take, and how I’d feel after it.

So it was plus:
400m FC pull / FC swim by 100ms

2,000m in around 42 mins

My 100m pace was about 1:40 ish, so back to the sort of times I used to swim.

I had about 600mls of water during the swim, and a banana after it, then my usual breakfast. And I plan to eat plenty today to refuel and hopefully I won’t have any bad side effects like I used to.

I’ve booked in again for next Thursday morning, so perhaps this can become a weekly thing, as long as it fits in with work and life.

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