Progress with my running and plans

It’s about 4 weeks since I went back to get some physio from KM Woods physio… and things with my running are hopefully starting to progress.

The plan is to take 3 months to get my right leg to recover, with exercises and building my running up carefully, including cross training as well. (June July August).

The plan today was to run about 2 or 2.5 miles; or more if it felt ok, and gratefully it’s the best my leg has felt in a while. Just a 1/10 for pain / comfort… it was hardly even sore at all. So I went be beyond the 2 miles I had planned and got a comfortable 5k in. I’m pleased with that.

Here’s a picture of the Clyde if atone is missing it, working from home.

Near where the science centre is a bit blocked off so it meant I went back on myself a bit, but it was fine.

And what a lovely morning for it. Nice and sunny, and warm, with blue skies.

Afterwards I went into the garagym for a short session stretching and foam rolling (12 mins) … and had a nice breakfast of protein yoghurt, berries and walnuts, and a coffee, in the sun.

Sitting here enjoying the garden (Fit Girl made it really nice last weekend)…

Here’s my plan for this week… (5k today instead of 2.5M) still just two runs a week, but if the Friday run goes well, I’ll get out for a run on Sunday too I think.

And a swim on Thursday in an actual pool! (The Gorbals). Id better go get ready for work!

I’m so pleased that everything seems to be falling into place… now if I can work this injury away, and I’m due my second vaccine in two weeks… 2021 truly will be becoming a great year (for me). Flat calm waters, and sunny days, at long last.

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