Wk24 and a Sunday bike ride

This last week I’ve kept my activity and my physio exercises up, as well as starting a new job. I had physio on Monday morning, and my physio gave me some new exercises. I’m sticking with them in the hope that my leg will build up and feel right as opposed to not feeling right when I run.

It’s still not quite there yet… but I’ll stick with trying to get it back to being right for some time yet. No point in complaining if I give up or if I don’t do something about it.

Here’s the training I did last week:

I had a slow / easy cycle with my brother (who was running) on Tuesday too. It was nice to catch up. I also got a couple of spin sessions and a couple of outdoor cycles, two strength sessions, a foam roll and a few walks.

Today I woke at the usual time (630) thanks to my body clock… and was properly away by about 730, so did my physio exercises then out for a cycle.

I did a similar route to the one I did on Tuesday, only it was better this time with less traffic on a Sunday morning. Still a bus chased me down a bus lane (it didn’t really, but it felt like it did, in reality the driver was being very patient behind me), and I managed to scare a man in Pollok Park (by mistake) by not ringing my bell in the wooded bit. Oops. I apologised.

I went mostly on cycle track to Bellahouston and did a few laps of the track and a little lap of another bit.

Then on the way out I told a guy who was running with his friend that I thought he was dressed like Superman (red top / blue on the bottom). He seemed pleased (with my heckle!) … and he shouted back that it was a pity he didn’t look like him. I wished I’d shouted back that he looked fit, as a compliment, but the moment was gone. He did, and I should have. But never mind.

Through Pollok Park it was very pretty, with lots of pink flowers in the trees… and a few people and dogs to be courteous to / aware of.

The road on St Andrews Drive has been redone so it was a pleasantly fast and smooth cycle until it got to the old bit of road Just under an hour on the bike and a good wee scoot about. Avg HR 129, max 150.

Then a wee sit in the garden, before I get ready to go out for a steak lunch in town. We’re walking in and back, so that’ll be nice too. It was just the right distance / time to get some exercise but not overdo it.

It’s my birthday tomorrow, and I usually always take it off as leave, but tomorrow I’m working (as it’s my first day of training). So I’ll celebrate a bit today, and a bit tomorrow night and have some fun too.

I have a feeling being 41 will be good, and hopefully I can get rid of this injury so that everything falls into place. My new job will make a massive difference to me and my happiness, so I can’t wait to get stuck in. Yas!

As for exercise next week, I think I’ll keep it a bit fluid and see how work goes, and do as I fancy, keeping the physio up 5/7 days.

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