Training, fun, friends and family

As we all probably know, Scotland is playing today… and I’ve come to the Village to meet and get to know a new colleague… but before I came here, I dropped my brother and most of his family near Hampden for the game.

So here I am…

Anyway… I thought I’d write an update to my training and rehab. I’ve had a really good few weeks off from work… a mini career break, I guess… before I start my new job on Wednesday.

I spent about a week helping to look after these two in Inverness…

…and went kayaking and swimming in Loch Ness with Pennie, a big walk up Mount Keen with Carol and a nice long walk with Jackie (and her dog Roxy) on Troon beach, and another nice long walk with Sandra and Molly (her dog).

I also went a good cycle along the Caledonian Canal, and another out the Essich Road (very hilly).

Here’s what I did training wise:

And here’s what I did last week.

I’ve been keeping up my physio exercises, most days… see physio round 1… and today I got some new exercises / progression to do, physio round 2:

My leg still isn’t right, but the pain isn’t too bad, more of a niggle at 2/10 pain at the most. I’m working with the physio to get me running where it’s fine and enjoyable, and not sore. So that might mean less running days (2 a week maybe) and short… 2 to 2.5 miles. And if it gets sore, I’ll stop or walk. I can see myself doing short loops!

Here’s my training plan for this next week:

This last weekend, the restrictions eased just in time for me to get up to Aberdeen and spend some quality time with my family, and also visit my old stomping ground (Garthdee in Aberdeen) where I went to Art School.

The morning after I went for a nice long walk along the River Dee and along past the Art School and Round Tower I stayed in during 1st year… 24 years ago. That was nice reminiscing and the weather was great too.

I had a lovely weekend with the family…

Even though my nephews are about a foot taller than me now! (14 and 16 year olds!). I hope they stop growing soon!

What a good month or so I’ve had off before I start work anyway. Full of fun, friends, family and happiness (and quite a few ice creams too!)

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