Rambling thoughts on my run

I was out running this morning, pain free, for the first time in a very long time. I woke up really early and decided I might as well head out early for my 5k.

The weather was oddly grey, and there were spots of rain, something I haven’t seen for a while. But it was nice to run in.

Cautiously I placed one foot in front of the other and I was reminded of how much I enjoy it – on and old regular 5k route around the Clyde Bridges – squiggly to millennium and into festival park and back home. I could cut it short if I needed to (squinty bridge). A nice flat easy route… I’ve run it so often I could possibly run it in my sleep.

The freedom to run wherever you want and let your thoughts spiral away into everything from the future, past and present… to what’s for breakfast, and a whole plethora of other thoughts.

I still had a focus on my right leg – is it sore? No… this is good. The physio exercises must be working … Maybe I could delay my next physio appointment… I’m back running… but wait, is it sore? On a scale of 1-10? Nope. Not yet. Keep going.

I check my watch, my cadence is 176… I like to try to get it to 180… stop trying to improve and just run… maybe I could go further than 5k… better not… I’m 20 minutes in.. is it sore, I ask myself? Mmmm…. maybe it is a little, or at least I know it’s not quite right…. Is it a 2/10 or a 1/10… probably a 1. This is good news. But calm it; this is only my 5th or 6th run back, don’t get carried away!

But I think I should be able to run with my brother next week… 5k with him on Tuesday… run Wed, Fri, Sun, Tues. If I can do this. And keep going with my exercises and cross training and rest and foam rolling.

Then I get to the squiggly bridge and it’s closed off, with a diversion to the next bridge… but in true Glasgow fashion, the barriers have been prized open on both sides, and I cross it anyway.

Then my mind wanders to my work situation. I’ve had a good 4-5 weeks off work… visiting, seeing people, having fun. And on Thursday I have my first ‘team meeting’ on Teams with the new team. I’m so excited. I hope Teams works on my phone, maybe I’ll use my iPad. I wonder if they’ll ask me to introduce myself? They might ask me for a funny fact about myself. What will I say?

A lockdown project – the garagym or my crap coffees? Or that I’ve run over 11,600 miles since starting running 12 years ago, or I’ve run 13 marathons? Or that I’m originally from Wick? Or that I like elephants and rainbows?

I check my heart rate… it’s at 145… easy … good stuff. My pace for the first mile was comfy, just under 9 min miles. Maybe I could push it a bit.

Then I think about how fortunate I am, to walk out of one job into another. I imagine there were a lot of applicants for this role (4 roles), and they picked me! It’ll be great to get my teeth stuck into work again, and hopefully help make a difference… I’m so excited.

The start of a new 8 year life block for me … 41-48… what will it bring? A kick start to my career, a chance of a good fresh start, probably more death (that’ll be hard, but I know I can face it) … hopefully paying off my mortgage. Good riddance to years 33-40… full of death and the end of my career at the BBC. 😳 I can’t wait for a new fresh start – the new block starts on my birthday!

My heart rate is a bit higher, 157, ease it off, enjoy it. How’s my leg? Ok… maybe a 1 or a 2 out of 10… keep checking in. See how it is.

Mmmm… I should just stick to 5k. This is a 3 month plan to get back up and running pain free, and I’m just 2 weeks in. Patience. June, July, August.

I haven’t been able to run properly since about August last year, if I want to get back to it I need to be careful. I must contact Clare… and Sara… maybe I’ll keep my physio appointment next week after all.

At 3.10 miles on my Garmin I stop the timer… just under 27 minutes. Avg HR good / 147. That’ll do nicely. How’s my leg? Ok. Better do my physio exercises now.

There we have it… a selection of my thoughts from my solo run this morning. 😂

I had my tunes on… and I was just running along enjoying the morning. Hopefully my leg will recover and I can get back to normal of this by August!

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