Wk21 into Wk22 & last day

Last week I did a lot of walking… meeting nice people for good walks and chats outside, making the most of my leave / time off before I finish up.

Big long walks at the end of the week, and a Thursday full of a about 4 walks, for the total up to about 44 miles walking. I also did one 2 mile run on the Thursday, after previously doing one on Sunday.

I’m going to keep it at around 2-2.5 miles running for the next week or two, every second day, as long as the pain doesn’t go above 2/10. I saw the physio on Thursday, so I’ve got a 3 month plan to get back to running and hopefully fix my right leg once and for all.

Here are the exercises I’ve been given, which I’ll do daily (they only take about 8 minutes so no excuses):

Leg kick extension x50
Leg raise, lying on side x50
Clam shells level 2 x50
Roll down extensions x25
Calf raises x50

Here’s my plan for exercise this week…

I might try and do some open water swimming this weekend at some point, but we will see. Other than that… physio, cyclising, a few short runs and some strength training. Something everyday anyway. I went a nice wee walk today too.

My leg feels fine after the run and walk today so hopefully this will all be the start of rehab and recovery back to me being able to run again.

Today is finally my last day at the BBC… after 13 years and 2 months… from tomorrow I’ll have a couple of weeks off before starting my new job at Social Security Scotland. So I celebrated today with a nice ice cream in the sun. ☀️

I feel strangely free, and happy to be moving on to pastures new – it’s the fresh start I need, for sure.

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