Leg Rehab – May into June

I’ve gone a bit quiet on here… mainly because we’ve been on leave, but also due to the restrictions in Glasgow, it’s meant we’ve had to curb what we’ve been doing to doing it locally.

That’s me officially stopped working now, so my time is my own… last we had some good walks locally and some good eating out and naps too. Oh and I had quite a few ice creams too. Yum.

And these were some pancakes with yoghurt, berries, grapes and apple for breakfast one day. Yum yum.

Here’s what I did last week exercise wise, a week of rest, and some activity (mostly walking):

My leg feels ok when I walk, but as soon as I run it feels about a 2/10 for pain, rising to 5/10 after 10-15 minutes. It’s my hamstring, glute and even my ankle… my leg seems to have given up since it became 40! Boooo.

Injury is rubbish… it always seemed ok on the bike, but the other day I nearly cried as an hour into a 90 min cycle, my leg got sore… I think I know that it was because my leg was cold (shorts in 7’C weather)… but there’s no point in getting upset – the thing to do is either take action to sort it, or avoid activating the injury.

Anyway, after a week of less training, and mainly walks, I’ve decided it’s time to address my injury properly again, and get back on with this physio, and perhaps running too. I’ll get in touch with a physio to make sure what I’m planning is a good idea.

My right leg hasn’t been right for months…since maybe August time last year, and whilst rest and avoiding running, and then physio worked to a degree, I’m still not back running and I want to do what I can to get back to it.

Avoiding running works, but it’s not the answer if I ever want to get running again.

Here’s my weekly plan for when I’m here, getting into a regular routine of the following… (I might do 10-20 minutes running instead of spin / cardio sessions):

Mon: 30 min strength / 30 min spin
Tue: 20 min physio / 45 min spin
Wed: Outdoor cycle 1-2 hrs
Thu: 20 min physio / 45 min spin
Fri: 30 min strength / 30 min spin
Sat: Rest / Walk / 20 min physio / Run
Sun: 20 min physio / 30-45 min spin

Below is the type of strength workout out I’ll do. Or an Apple Fitness one, and I may swap out something for a yoga session if I’m needing it.

Warm up and stretching
2 round each of:

Squat 42kg x10
Reverse lunge to curl 8kg 10es
KB Swing 16kg x20

Deadlift 41kg x10
Kneeling single arm press 10kg 10es
KB High Pull 20kg x20

Bench Press 2×12.5kg x10
Bent over row singles 2×12.5kg 8es
Press ups x20

Finisher 2x:
Gym ball leg curl x25
Good morning 20kg x25
Single arm carry 20kg 50m
Single leg hinge 12.5kg x10es
Single leg deadlift (bw) x10es

Another similar option is below:

And here’s the physio exercises I’ll do… 3-4 times a week:

I’ll run 1-3 miles once or twice a week and see how it goes. That should do it hopefully, in May and June, but as I said, I’ll get some expert physio advice too. And if that doesn’t work I really will need to become a cyclist! 😳

Oh and finally, here’s a nice big (thin!) pizza I had earlier in the week. I need running and exercise so I can keep eating lots of food like this!

Wish me luck with getting my leg back to normal so I can run further than half a mile without pain in the future.

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