Wk18 into May & June

Last week I did 3 cycles, 3 workouts and some walking, with some good rest days in there too.

22 miles walking, 42 miles cycling, including 1 long cycle of marathon distance out to Johnstone and back. Here’s the detail of what I did:

It was good fun cycling along the NCN7… I’ll try to do a long cycle outdoors once a week I think.

That day I also did a bit long walk up to the West End and back. I had the day off and had arranged to meet someone… but it didn’t happen, and as I was about to head up Finnieston; I changed my mind and walked East along the Clyde.

Only to very randomly meet an old friend I used to oaky basketball with. We had a good old wander and chat… and I ended up walking for 7 miles… plus the 26 miles cycling in my legs from the morning. That’s as Tuesday, and by Friday I was a bit tired.

On Wednesday I took the opportunity of a day off work to drive West to Glencoe and back. For beautiful scenery and a wee walk.

The weather wasn’t the best, but the drive was good. And I found this lol.

On Friday morning I was up earlier than normal and went a wee walk and had a coffee with one of my fav colleagues… hopefully we’ll do this more often after I leave the BBC.

My sleep has been great over the last wee while. A result of a chapter closed and a new one starting I think.

At the weekend we had some downtime, we did a nice walk behind Dumbarton up the Kirkpatrick hills, and finally got out for a breakfast and a dinner too.

It’s warm enough for shorts! Yay!

And it’s warm enough for ice cream too – on Sunday (after I did a spin session first thing) we went to the coast for a walk along the beach at Troon, after some breakfast and before an ice cream – back to my youth with chocolate and strawberry with a flake.

Now I’m on leave… for at least 4 weeks… and my plans for exercise will become a little more loose. I’ll likely do a bit of exercise each day, but I’m not going to plan it week by week. Just do as I feel, and what fits in with what I’m doing. I might include a swim once a week, but we’ll see.

It’ll now be restricted a little by the travel / covid restrictions for a bit. Booo. Needs must.

My birthday is in about 4-5 weeks or so, so I’ll aim to start training with a plan after that. In the meantime I’ll do a mixture of walking, cycling, spin and strength as I have been doing. And I’ll keep getting plenty of good sleeps still hopefully!

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