My last day at the BBC!

Well, it’s a wrap! Isn’t that what they say in telly? After 13 years and two months, I’ve worked my last day at the BBC. (I promise now, that I’ll stop going on and on about it!)

It all perhaps seemed a bit easier to detach from it all, with working from home, and not being in the office. And the nice flowers and leaving zoom with the team was appreciated yesterday.

Yesterday also brought the delivery of this – a new wetsuit for me… so I can hopefully try some open water swimming on the sea or in lochs at some point in the future.

Today I got some nice calls and messages from some of the people I’ve worked with and a wee Apple gift card too. Thank you!

(This pic was taken when I moved on from supporting the Radio teams, to supporting the News teams, back in 2018).

I had some great times at BBC Scotland and I’m proud to have helped a lot of people in their roles, from Apprentices and people starting out their careers, to managers and right up to the top of the BBC. It can be a great place to work.

Part of the jobs I had there were to get and staff and freelancers into BBC Scotland and support them, and I’m proud to see and hear lots of people who I helped get in and get work. It’s where I really enjoyed working there, supporting Radio, Gaelic and News teams and Apprentices too.

The great part of it has been seeing people I’ve helped, develop and thrive snd make content for audiences.

Many apprentices and other staff I helped are now progressing through their careers in there… and there’s a couple of apprentices who are together as a couple after they met.

And another couple, who got together after we got them in, to work in Radio – are expecting their first baby, the day after my contract finishes, and a few years after they started their careers there! How cool and exciting is that?

That’s cool – but so is seeing and hearing from all the other people I worked with and helped over the years. (See lots of apprentices below).

I hope I made my mark, and made a difference with people in there. Now I hope to move on and start a new chapter and a new 8 year life cycle after this.

I’ve written about this before, where I’ve noticed my life seems to come in 8 year cycles… 0-8, 9-16, 17-24, 25-32, 33-40.

Now I wonder what 41-48 years old will bring?

Whatever it is I’m looking forward to it. The last few years have been a bit bumpy for me, and I’m looking forward to some plain sailing and fun soon. Now it’s time to let go and move on to the next chapter.

What’s next? We’ll see – watch this space.

Goodbye BBC and thanks for the experience and all the great people I got to know and help over the years. You know where I am if you want to get / keep in touch.

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