26.2M cycle to Johnstone and back

I took the opportunity of nice weather ☀️ this morning to get on my bike 🚴 for my longest cycle ride for a long time. I decided to cycle an old favourite, and a route I know, the national cycle network route 7, from Glasgow towards Lochwinnoch (but not all the way).

We’ve cycled all the way before and it was about 40-42 miles there and back… today I figured I’d maybe do about 20-25 miles or so. I left at 8, and was probably wearing too many clothes…

Here’s me about a mile in – I took a picture to send to my brother to wish him a happy birthday and to rub it in that he was working and I’m not. 😂

I know the cycle route really well as I used to do out and backs on it for marathon training… plus the signs are helpful too. It’s good to be away from traffic, for sure.

You head west over to Paisley, and three over to Bridge of Weir and I eventually ended up at Johnstone after 13.1 miles. I decided to stop there and take on some water and energy, and I took my skull hat and trousers off (I had cycling shorts on under them).

I’m really getting a good hang of these Magped magnetic pedals. They’re great and I’d really recommend them. Easy to use, strong, and easy to detach / release from too. The fact they’re pink is cool too (I think).

Other than too many layers on the bottom and too many on my head, I was fine with three layers on top, a buff and my gloves which convert from fingerless to full gloves.

This was a nice scene taken near Rosshall on the way back. The river is nice along there, and there’s a bit of the path that’s been relaid which is good. Most of the cycle lanes are in good condition but there are some bumpy bits.

I’m not so used to cycling long, with my longest one so far being about 18 miles… and about 22 miles in today, I was feeling a bit tired, but still had enough in me to get home ok. Avg HR 133, max 158.

When I got closer to home around Pollok Park, I took a turn off the route into Maxwell Park and home via Sheilds Road. Nice blossom on the trees.

So I ended up cycling 26.2 miles in around the same time it took Paula Radcliffe to run her marathon record time… (my cycle was 29 secs slower). A good wee simple adventure anyway. I’ll have a good lunch as recovery.

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