Vaccine and wk18 into wk19

On Saturday evening I went to the Hydro and got my vaccine… it was well organised, and not long after I arrived I was jabbed with the Pfizer vaccine… and was sitting for 10 minutes for some mandated recovery time before walking him.

It’s great that it was in the hydro, not far from where we live … and thankfully, and touch wood, I haven’t had much side effects from it. I’m maybe a bit more thirsty, and my arm is a tiny bit sore, but nothing from it really.

I did drink lots of water and take paracetamol before and 4 hours after I got the shot, so maybe that helped some. I must admit it felt pretty good to get the vaccine… something special and important about it. And of course, there’s also some pride in having the NHS there for us too.

This morning as I was feeling ok, I tried a wee run … and after 2-3 minutes my leg didn’t feel right, so I headed back. Deep down I probably knew this would happen as its not felt right for a while, so no harm done.

Instead I had a second coffee, then went into the garagym and did a good 45 minute strength session, followed by a half hour spin session with Kym. I took it very easy on the spin session, just in case.

This last week has been a bit strange… with being off on leave Mon – Wed… and back working just Thursday Friday…. I ended up doing a big long cycle on Wednesday and a big walk, but then Thursday through to Saturday the only exercise I did was walking.

Maybe I needed the rest (or was secretly worried about the vaccine and potential side effects).

Anyway, here was the reduced amount of exercise I did, in my rest week:

I had a couple of nights of disturbed sleep, but I still got a good average. Now that I know my time at the BBC is nearing an end… (next week!) my sleep has miraculously improved. Certainty it seems, helps settle the mind.

Anyway last week it was – 2 strength sessions, 1 long outdoor cycle, 1 spin and some walking. 1 vote and 1 vaccine!

And tonight we’re going out for a steak meal – yum! First time in a long time…. another reason I’m pleased I’m feeling ok after the vaccine. Phew. 🥩

Here’s my plan for exercise next week:
This week will be my last two working days at the BBC… on Thursday and Friday. Eeek. After 13 years working there it will be strange to leave, but I’m looking forward to it.

I have to say I was impressed with the Election coverage over the last few days – I may be biased, but I do think the news teams in there are great! (And the building looked good too). I’ll miss the people for sure, but it’s time for me to move onwards and hopefully upwards.

I have a feeling, having worked from home, and in a smaller team in recent times, leaving will be easier than it could have been. I’m really excited for what will be coming next.

In the meantime I plan to enjoy some time off, get some regular exercise in, reconnect with some nice people, and take it from there. It’ll be great to have some time to do whatever I fancy, without having to be in work!

I’ll focus on fixing my leg for running another time… probably by getting a physio involved, but in the meantime my running will continue to go on hold, with cycling, spin, strength and walking replacing it. 👍🏻

Oh and last thing, look at the nice present I got from someone last week too, along with a rainbow car. They made me smile.

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