Magped Sport 2 bike pedals

If you know me, you know I like gadgets and cool things or solutions to issues… well here we have magped magnetic pedals which I ordered at the weekend, and they arrived on Tuesday (all the way from Austria!)

I’ve always used toe clips and got on fine with them… but last year with my new cycle shoes I tried clipless pedals and they weren’t for me. I figured there must be an in between and maybe more modern solution … so here it is… a pedal with a magnet fitted in them.

And they’re pink! (Or green or orange or black). I got them for the best price direct from magped. I put the pedals on the bike easily, and put the cleats on my shoes (basically a thick bit of metal for the magnet to connect to).

The reviews for magped were good, and I’m pretty sure I agree with them. Easy to fit, easy to use. Cool looking. Even the packaging is good – simple cardboard, no plastic.

I went out a cycle today with them and they took a bit of getting used to, but they connect strongly (I got the 150N model which is designed for people who are 65-80kg… I’m about 63kg). The force of the magnet holds your foot in well, but you can release your foot fine too.

You can easily make some small adjustments to make it work. Now I just need to think if I want clips for if I ride my bike with trainers, but the answer to that is probably no… if I need trainers I’d carry them in a bag.

For more info see here:

They get a big tick from me anyway.

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