Magped pedals – might be the answer!

As you may have noticed… since I’ve been injured on and off since about august last year… (boooooo)… I’ve been running less and cross training more.

In Autumn into Winter I really got into cycling outdoors… maybe once or twice a week.

Keen to be visible on the bike I treated myself to some snazzy light for me wheels, a new sparkly… I mean reflective, helmet, a new bright reflective jacket and some cycle shoes too.

I’m still not keen to be classed as a cyclist… I’d rather be a runner… but with my hamstring not playing ball, and with all my gear… it’s probably about time I embraced it. Especially with summer and nicer days coming in.

A few months ago after I got my shoes, I decided I’d try the clipless pedals… shimano SPD ones which would work with my shoes. I though, how hard can it be?

I’m used to and like using toe clips as I always have done on this bike – with trainers, and I thought this would be the next simple step up. So far it’s working fine, but i think there must be a better option out there for connection to the pedal, and power.

Well, I tried the SPD pedals and I couldn’t figure them out. I also didn’t like that they were the little ones and would probably need some sort of combination pedal for it I want to use my trainers with them.

Maybe if I’d have gone to a shop (not open due to lockdown)…. or I had some cycling specialist buddies close by … I could have tried a bit harder to make them work… but instead I sent them back and stuck with the toe clips.

But now I’ve got thinking and I thought there must be a better option out there. I had a look online at some expensive wahoo ones… I thought nah…

Then I came across these… Magpeg magnetic pedals.

They seem like they’ll be a good simple upgrade to toe clips, but not as fiddly as SPD pedals and clips. Also the shape of them will allow me to use them with normal trainers if need be, without any faff.

I had a look online and you can get them for just under £100, but if you order direct from the supplier, coming from Europe, they cost about £85 (as long as stupid brexit doesn’t impact the delivery).

I ordered pink ones… as why not? It’s nice to stand out sometimes. 😂 I’ll let you know how I get on with them. (If they don’t work, I can return them; but any review I’ve read say good things about them).

I probably am a cyclist now, and why not, it’s cool zooming along on your bike.

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