On the countdown and some plans!

I’m in a bit of a strange position to be on the countdown… 9 working days until I finish up working at the BBC. It’s just over 13 years since I started working there, and as with wherever I’ve worked, it’s been a bit all consuming – so to no longer have it as part of my life will be strange… but I’m strangely looking forward to it.

The freedom and ability to move on and create a new story, a new way of living is quietly comforting, after a long period of being unsettled and not being able to find my place to shine.

I can quietly (and happily) feel my old self coming back – the happy and enthusiastic helper who has the world at her feet. I’ve been unhappy and not thriving for far too long – and now i get the chance to change that and do whatever I fancy. It’s exciting!

I will be sad to leave, and I will miss all the people, the friends I’ve made and the colleagues I’ve met – but you know, there is a world outside of the BBC… and I have a feeling it will open up soon and accept me with open arms so i can help to make a difference the way I did with many at BBC Scotland before.

Next week I am doing two zoom drop in sessions in the afternoons of Tuesday and Thursday – for colleagues to have the opportunity to pop in and say goodbye. It’s a bit odd (as is a lot with lockdown)… and it may either be a total flop (with no one turning up) or a car crash (with everyone turning up at once)… but hopefully it’ll be a chance for me to say goodbye to those I had a good time working with and helping.

In the course of 13 years I’ve done about 5 different jobs at the BBC… I started off as an Assistant Business Analyst – providing reports, processes and systems for staff and management – where I honed my excel skills and got the title ‘Excel queen’…

Then I moved into Talent where I really found my feet and calling, and had the opportunity to work with and support hundreds of Production staff and managers in Radio and Gaelic…. before also taking on the coordination of the BBC Scotland Apprenticeship scheme for a few years. It was great to get different people into the BBC, and then see their careers flourish, knowing I’d been there to help them. It’s was a great time.

And it led to me securing the opportunity to support the News teams and News Management Team on attachment for nearly a year and a half, when BBC Scotland launched their new channel. I was at the forefront of helping the new recruitment process work, and I was the face for hundreds of applicants who were interviewed over the course of a year or so.

I met so many great people, and made it my mission to try to make the recruitment process as least scary as possible, with explanations, my smile and personal touch. The aim was to give people a warm welcome, and I helped that to happen for about 100 new staff – it was great to be a part of. Aside from the interviews, I also supported the nearly 400 staff and freelancers with anything they needed / business support… and it was good to see how what I did reflected into the stories which went on air for audiences.

The Talent role went away when I was on attachment, and another role was available, but it wasn’t for me. I tried to speak up about it all, but it didn’t work. The least said about that, the better…

…but things could have been dealt with a lot better. And that time is a major factor in my knowing that me leaving is the right decision for me.

It wasn’t great, but there’s no point in going over something you can’t change.

I ended my career at the BBC, for the last year and a bit working in a small team, supporting a senior leader to do his role. It was good to get to know him and how everything works at that level of the BBC – but I know deep down that my passion is for helping and working with people to make a difference with them. So I know I need to get to a different place, and leave the BBC to do that. Then mainly due to Covid, the role ended up not being required. So after a restructure, it was agreed that I would leave.

By the time January this year came, I accepted that it was time for me to go, and I was ready to go, then I took action to think about and plan where I can go next. Anyone who knows me won’t be surprised that I hatched a ten step action plan to get from where I am now to where I want to be… and I hired Diana Dawson (www.workingcareer.co.uk) as a career coach to help me. All good and I’m getting somewhere with it.

But for now I’m counting down the days til I go… and making a plan for the Summer, once things open up and I can travel a bit more. I have really missed travelling to see friends and family, and I think it’s those relationships and times that make life so special… so I’m keen to reignite them.

I have some time off in May… and then who knows what from June… so here’s my plans so far:

In the meantime, my exercise is all in my routine. We’re up early every weekday, so i get my training in before 9am… and the weekends have turned into chill time with nice walks. Although sometimes I’m awake early with my body clock and I might do a workout first thing.

I’m still off running, and my hamstring niggles sometimes even after a long walk… so I’m trying to do some physio etc and rest from running to help it… but we will see.

The garagym has become our space where we can workout and sweat and the garden has become a nice sunny spot where we can relax. It’s all good.

So it’s not long to go before I start my new chapter, and I can’t wait. Time to put my time at the BBC in the past and see what the world has to offer me.

Now I leave you with a summary of my training this week…. a good week, where I got a good mix of strength, spin and cycling and walking outdoors. Not to mention some sun and ice cream in the garden.

I got up really early (when I woke at about 530am) and went out a nice walk, listening to Jane Fonda on the Apple Fitness walk with me.. then I came home and did a cycle to Pollok Park and back.

I caught some nice pictures of the sunrise around the Clyde on the walk; and a few more on the cycle. See the slide show below.

Then on Saturday we went a walk around Dams to Darnley, lovely weather, and a nice 5.5 mile walk with a waterfall in the middle. Slideshow again.

Next week I’ll continue similar exercise / training, cardio or strength on week days, and getting out and about when I can. Maybe trying a short (2M) run at the end of the week if my leg is ok.

Things are looking up generally re covid, and this year is getting better and better. It feels like it will only continue to get better and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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