Wk15 into Wk16 training

Last week was the week of workouts and a few walks for me, one short run, 3 spin sessions and an outdoor cycle. And also a haircut – yahoo!

Here’s what I did training / exercise wise each day:

On Monday night we went out a quick walk in the evening, and got some nice pics of the local area…

… it’s the camera on my iPhone 11 Pro that makes them really… nighttime mode… but I’ll take the credit anyway.

Here’s the flats across the water reflected into the Clyde.

On Wednesday morning I did a good 11 mile cycle over to the East End and back before breakfast. It was a bit chilly but ok.

The cycle lanes and paths over that way are quite good and you feel safe segregated from the traffic (not that there is much before 8am).

On Tuesday I did strength and spin in the morning, then walked to work and back that day. I met a few colleagues in work, and gave over a glass rainbow to one. So that was nice.

I have about 14 working days left there! Eeeeek. Full time til the end of April then just 4 days in May… and by the middle of May I’ll be finished. I took this reflective picture on the way home on Tuesday afternoon.

And on Saturday, instead of driving the 2 miles to the hairdresser, I walked. The weather was nice, and it was a good walk.

Same old same old pictures though. Oops. Maybe we’ll make our way out of Glasgow soon.

Here’s the before hair… 4 months of growth…

Then the after… which takes about 2 minutes to dry!

We’re both liking the garagym set up…. the ability to do challenging strength, HIIT or bike workouts on Apple Fitness is really good.

Today I did a good half hour strength workout with Kyle – I can tell I worked hard, fitted in well into just 30 mins.

It was a quick warm up, then 4 sets of compound exercises:
Side Lunges / Romanian Deadlift / Single arm Kneeling curl to press / Squat / Renegade Row / Press up Simple, but challenging.

Then it was a simple but challenging 30 min spin with Kym – warm up then 10 x 30 secs all out, 30 secs easy recovery. Then a song for a break, and the 10 intervals repeated.

I’ve been a bit more careful about what I’ve been eating, aiming to eat more protein (30%) and good fats.

I’ve replaced the small amount of breakfast cereal (red berry flakes from asda) with raspberries and walnuts, for a yoghurt, but, blueberry, raspberry and protein powder breakfast of about 400 calories. And a black coffee and water and the usual vitamins and omega 3 capsules.

And I’ve changed my lunch a bit, instead of scrambled eggs on toast, I’ve swapped out the bread for smoked salmon, a tomato abs some cheese. Nice in the sunny weather too.

I have a high protein yoghurt around lunchtime too, but it’s all really filling.

I had a few nice days last week working in the garden, in the sun, and it looks like it’ll be similar at the end of next week. WiFi in the garden is good.

This has been the outcome weight wise of a reduction of calorie intake, over two weeks. A drop in body fat, and it looks like things are going in the right direction. Although my weight hasn’t decreased overall, it’s going the right way (less body fat).

The aim is to lose around 0.6lbs a week, with a calorie deficit each week… by exercising / activity burn and being careful not to overeat. So I’ll aim for between 1600-1800 calories a day intake, less on days when I don’t exercise.

Here’s the exercise I have planned next week…

I’m awake for about 620am… a couple of coffees and music or an audiobook to wake me up, then I’m exercising by 715-730 ish. I like to nail the exercise before work if I can, but I can use lunchtimes or after work if need be.

My sleep has been good, and here’s to it hopefully staying that way.

Oh and I nearly forgot, it was my 2 mile run the other day. Trying out my leg.

My hamstring wasn’t quite right, maybe a 2-4 out of 10 for pain. It was ok, but then after about 13 mins it didn’t feel quite right. So I’ll take another 2 weeks off it and cross train including physio exercises and see how it goes.

I don’t often wear black, but I was after my run… hopefully not mourning my leg!

Maybe I should see if I can take pics other than ones at the Clyde?! 😜 Have a good week everyone.

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