Identity – what makes you you and me me

I’ve been thinking about identity recently… perhaps because I’ve lost or am about to lose a bit of my identity in the last wee while, on two counts… running and working for the BBC.

I remember when I was about 19 or so in art school… and I did some work on how jewellery and our faces and bodies make us different from each other. At that time I didn’t go into the depths of how our thoughts, values, ideas and experiences make us different too.

Having a clear idea of your identity can be a good way to help you feel grounded, or help you to live to your values and ideals.

And what we work as, what we do in our hobbies, or family and social lives also shape who we are, what we identify as. And some of that is more important than other parts, depending on who you are.

What makes us who we are? And what makes us happy, snd makes us tick?

So here’s the parts of my identity –

– I’m a runner (and a running coach)… but I’ve had to decide to change that up a bit … as I’m trying to help my injury recover… so at the moment… maybe I should tell myself I’m an athlete who enjoys exercise.

– am I a cyclist? Perhaps. Why not? I certainly look the part.

– I like to do strength workout and spin … in our garagym and strength in the garden too.

– I was a swimmer, but not so much over the last few years. I’ve not swum regularly for years now, but maybe one day I’ll pick it up again. Maybe once pools open up… but we’ll see.

– and kite flying too – I love a wee fly of a kite!

– I work for the BBC… helping people… but soon that will be over… after 13 years and 2 months… 88 password changes and about 158 pay days. Soon I’ll be an ex BBC employee.

(I know I’ve changed my password 88 times as I’ve moved the number up one each time I’ve needed to change it 😂)

It’s given me lots of skills and experience and good times and enabled me to help a lot of people. And I’ll take that forward to see how I shape my life / career going forward.

People is where its at for me, and I found great pride in many comments I’ve received from nice people I’ve been able to help in the BBC. So that was nice.

– and as per the comments I got, I’m smiley and positive, but some of that has gone in the last few years when life seemed to batter me a bit.

So I’m looking forward to getting that bit of me back – enjoying life and family and friends and smiling and having fun more.

– and I’m female, and my partner is a female, so I likely identify as being gay, but it’s not all that important to me / I don’t shout about it. It’s just who I am, and I don’t see the point in putting labels on it, unless there’s a need.

– then there’s my clothes… you might not have noticed, but I don’t often wear black, opting for bright colours instead.

Shorts in spring summer if I can, and hats (purple and grey and cream) and scarfs or buffs in autumn winter. Hoodies, body warmers and warm jackets (purple or grey) too. Even my sunglasses in summer too.

Not very often you’ll see me in a dress.

– and jewellery, 4 rings on my fingers, the same few necklaces and a collection of bracelets and watch straps. Quite a few were presents from nice people.

– elephants and rainbows too!

– I guess our environment shapes who we are too… lovely Glasgow, and Scotland I love you. And I love our holidays / adventures away too.

– And our toy crazy cats too – ha. A bit of fun 😂 Jasper & Asda.

– And finally, people probably know me as someone who likes to eat ice cream (it runs in the family I’m told), and makes bad coffee art, and for my mask / buff pics too. Ha ha.

– I also enjoy my food. Why not eh? Especially as I tend to burn it off – fuel for my adventures.

The runner identity (and the running coach) is the one I enjoy the most possibly, so I’ll do what I can to hopefully get back to it.

I’ve not done much coaching in the last year or so, due to covid and my injury, but I’ve enjoyed helping people to run and get fit / achieve goals and of course meeting people and getting to know them.

There’s a theme through out all of this… and it’s people and health, happiness and fitness… so I’ll take that forward and see what I can shape in terms of a way of living / career going forward.

As for parts of my identity that I don’t like… drunk Lorn wasn’t my favourite person, so I chose to not let her return after she was sick a lot with one final hangover in 2009 …

… and sometimes I can get a bit too engrossed in things (both of these are like someone else I used to know)

… so I don’t drink alcohol anymore and I’m careful not to let things take over at the detriment of the good stuff.

I’m at a point now where I’ll let go of what wasn’t working for me in my life, and hopefully I’ll get to start afresh with some new experiences and fun and happiness going forward.

What are your parts of your identity, that make you you who you are?

The bits you like and want to nourish? Why not nourish them some more than you are now?

And the bits you don’t like so much and you’d like to maybe change or get rid of?

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1 Response to Identity – what makes you you and me me

  1. Rebecca MacLennan says:

    Brilliant Lorn!! Well said and so true and honest! You’ve been a great support to me whilst I face the dreaded “R” looming! I’ve learnt a lot from you re. the good and bad that comes with new pastures. All I hope for is a fresh start with likeminded colleagues and trying to make a difference – thanks again Lorn, you’re a much valued pal – Rebs xx

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