End of an era – goodbye BBC

Today a memory came up on my Facebook… it was a link to this post that I wrote 4 years ago. It was after I’d heard about one of the first (of many) job interviews I went for at the BBC where I didn’t get the job, but I tried my best and learned from it.


I finished the post on a positive, by saying I hoped that 2017 would open up opportunities for me… and I was right… but it took another 3 job applications and 2 interviews in 2017, and about 9 months, to secure my brilliant year and a half attachment in News, from January 2018 into 2019.

News was great, everything I’d hoped for… but the attachment ended, and after that I struggled to find my place in there. I tried to be retained in a role where I’d shine, but it wasn’t to be. People in News – I miss you all!

At the start of the year, I decided it might be time to maybe give up on trying to stay and then this week I agreed with the BBC that I would leave, following my role being closed. After 13 years working there, it seems like the right time to go.

People in BBC Scotland – I’ll miss you all! 😇

I’ve worked in various roles there, and the ones I liked best were where I was able to make a difference with many people. Radio, Gaelic, News, the Apprentices…

The first 8-9 years were really good, as was my time in News, but I’ve found it hard to find my place in the organisation for about the last 4 years. It seems there’s no longer a place for me, but that’s ok.

And at the start of this year after repeated attempts of trying to remain with the BBC, I’ve decided to step outside and try my luck in the external world.

It’s sort of scary, tinged with sadness for good friends I’ll miss, and what could have been, but it’s more exciting than anything. Who knows what opportunities the outside world will hold, once it opens up a bit after lockdown!?

Fortunately, as the role is closing (sort of due to the impact covid had had), I’ll receive a redundancy package which will see me right and help me prepare for what’s next for me. Redundancy can be scary, particularly in these times, but I know I’ll be ok. It’ll be a good chance for a fresh start.

I have some good ideas, of what I’d like to do, and how I can bring my experience into develop my career going forward. But at the moment I’ll take some time out to spend it with family and friends.

This has probably been coming for a while, and even when I left to go on leave in March I had an expectation it would happen.

I’ve just brought it forward so that my last day will be in the middle of May, and as of June I’ll no longer work for the BBC. The sun will set on BBC Scotland for me for one final time.

Now in the early part of this year I’ve done a bit of soul searching, and I’ve hired a career coach – Diana Dawson, to help me to establish a positive path and future and build my confidence back up, and I have every faith that it’ll all work out.

In the meantime, I’ll spend time with my Dad, probably enjoying ice cream and steaks together, and be there for my Step Mum and others, and I’ll go spend time with people I care about. Luckily the travel restrictions will have eased just in time, so I’ll hopefully be away for some of May.

Watch this space for what I’ll come up with next as my calling. Eeeek.

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1 Response to End of an era – goodbye BBC

  1. Rebecca MacLennan says:

    Hi Lorn – we’ll be leaving around the same time – email me if you fancy a blether and a chat down memory lane! Rebs x

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