Wks12 & 13 into Wk14 and a new book

The last two weeks was a good break, leave from work… left to do as we wanted, but a little restricted by lockdown, we made the most of it with good walks, plenty eating and sleeping and some good activity too.

Here’s the exercise I did:

Quite a lot of walking, sort of to fill the time, but also to get out and about … in different parks and neighbourhoods in Glasgow. 30 miles walking last week, 22 the week before.

I did more workouts and more cycles last week than the week before, but I reduced my running as planned to give my right hamstring a rest from running.

I had the odd ice cream, but not too many, and as I was on holiday, I just ate what I wanted.

We went to a few parks, including Glasgow Green, the Botanics, Linn Park, Pollok Park, Alexandria Park and Queens Park, along with a few walks in the West End, into town and around the Clyde.

There was plenty to see, and places to get coffees and food. My favourite was Sotto near the Central Station. Yum.

A nice cup of soup, a chicken panini and a coffee. Just right between two. (Fit girl walked with me on most walks, but she doesn’t like to be in pics that are posted).

Shorts and tshirt weather on some days, until yesterday when it got so Baltic I had to wear lots of layers and have a coffee to stay warm. Booo.

I’ve taken some time out and started reading a good book… if you want to learn about weight loss and how our bodies work with the food we eat… it’s a good one. I’m about 2/3s of the way in… and the last 100 or so pages got a bit heavy, but it’s good.

I’m looking forward to reading part three of it. Here’s the background to it:

Tomorrow it’s back to work for a bit… but our body clocks have stayed waking up early sot that should be ok. I plan to do the following training:

Replacing my run days on Tue Thu and Sats with spin and physio strength, and doing strength work (and shorter spin) on other days. Some yoga, foam rolling and walking will be done too.

My sleep has been good on holiday, and hopefully it will be in when I go back to work too. Fingers crossed.

I might get to sit in the garden once things warm up a bit too… Fit Girl has been working the magic in the garden so it’s looking very tidy and good. I’ve made sure there is food for the birdies too.

April for me is about being careful about not being greedy with my food intake, to see if I can shift a wee bit of weight. I’ll learn from the book I’m reading first though.

I’ll do more strength and spin, and get some walks and some hamstring work / recovery in.

And I’ll keep an eye on how my hamstring is… but I’ll maybe stay off the running until May or June, to give it time to recover. Fingers crossed.

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