Early Spring workout

I woke early this morning… a good sign for going back to work next week – my body clock is still set at ‘lark’ mode to get me up early to train.

So since I was awake around 7 (and the birdies were singing outside) I figured it would be a good opportunity to get in the garagym for a workout.

The coffee maker in there is a good add… I had a couple during my warm up, along with some good tunes to get me going.

I focused a lot on hamstring exercises to build and hopefully help my right one repair. A good warm up then a few circuits of simple exercises, see below what I did.

I had the heater on to start with, then after I was warmed up I turned the heater off and opened up the door for some sunlight and birdies for company.

A good way to wake up on a bright Spring morning… 55 minutes of warm up and movement, including a wee finisher of press ups and squats.

Have a nice Easter everyone … now where is that Easter egg?

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