Wk11 & 12 into Wk13

A week of leave… and we didn’t do much, but it’s all good… walks, runs, eating (in mostly), sleeping, strength … lockdown a plenty.

Here’s the exercise I did in the last two weeks:

This last week I’ve not been in the gym as much, which is fine, but I have walked quite a bit – 22 miles, run 3 times – nearly 16 miles and done two good strength sessions.

I did a good long but hard ‘chipper’ strength session with Lesley on Thursday, abs the shoulders took a wee bit of time to get over that.

We’ve been to a few parks… the Botanics, Queens Park, Bella, Pollok and Alexandra Park.. and I got a good double square sausage roll and a flat white one day… £7 in the West End for both of them… but probably well worth it. I liked Alexandria Park too.. quite big and lots to see.

I have some news I should be able to share at some point… but I’m still trying to sort it all out. Watch this space.

In the meantime, I’ve tried with my running, but my hamstring just isn’t right so I have a new plan for April to give it some rest from running … get some good physio strength and cross training instead.

In March I will have:

Run: 60 miles
Walked: 70 miles
Cycled: 54 miles
Strength trained: 9 times / 7:20

More running than in previous months, but it isn’t working so back to the drawing board with it. I plan to hopefully get out on my my bike some more, and do spin and physio strength in the gym too.

Here’s my plan for next week… which will likely involve more walking too:

I’m not saying I won’t run, but I’ll maybe only do it once a week between 1-3 miles max, to see how my leg is. Rest will hopefully do it good.

On the 17th April I finally have a haircut booked, after 3 months it’s grown a bit and is getting a little annoying. I’ll just do what my hairdresser says this time – she knows best.

Earlier in the week I had a nice surprise delivery of some flowers… the same day I got some flowers delivered to a friend who helped me a lot. So that was nice.

And I got to wear my new lucky Rohan jacket quite a lot too. Very toasty warm. And I had a few wee Easter eggs too. Shhhh.

Now I’m just waiting on what I hope will be exciting times ahead… it all just needs to fall into place… and that may take a few weeks, or a month. Fresh starts and change for me anyway, I think, we will see. And let’s see if I can fix my right leg once and for all too.

In the meantime I’ll keep ticking along, getting good sleeps, physio, plenty exercise and rest and recovery. I can’t wait to be out of this lockdown, but we’ll put up with it for a bit longer.

At least I / we have everything and more than we need in our wee house, garden and garagym. Even coffee in the gym now 😂 (It was this time 8 years ago we closed the deal on it all.)

Hope you have a nice week next week.

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