Latest addition to the garagym / cafe

Ok… I admit it… this may be getting silly now… but stick with me. So, sometimes, I wake up early on the weekends and want to get in the gym, or go a run first thing. But I like to have a coffee or two before I do…

The only thing is, my coffee machine makes a lot of noise, and I wouldn’t want to risk waking up the rest of the house…

I could go without, or have a chilled can of coffee, or maybe even boil a kettle and make one old style.. but I’d probably still make a racket…so I came up with a good cheap alternative.

I got this… second hand on Facebook marketplace… for just £20! A Nespresso magi mix coffee machine (a bit similar for he one I had before I got my current one).

I spent some time descaling it and cleaning it up, but this morning I got a (noisy) coffee from it; without waking anyone else up! It makes a good strong coffee, using my existing capsules, too.

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