Pint number 35 given!

I haven’t given blood for quite a while, since last September or before I think… so it’s about time.

There are options to give blood at the Louise Jordan (just now / March 2021)… which is about 10 mins away, so I grabbed an appointment there a few weeks ago, for today.

See here for how to register and sign up to give blood in Scotland:

My appointment was at 1130, and just as I was leaving a big windy wet storm passed by… so much so I nearly got blown away (and soaked a bit too)… but I got there ok in the end.

I was swaying as to whether there was any point in taking a brolly, but I’ve got a sturdy one, so I’m glad I did.

The set up inside the Louisa Jordan was good, with lots of people to tell me where to go… through to hall 4E… then it was quick to go through. I don’t think it’s going to be open much longer though.

They tested my haemoglobin as normal … (12.0 is acceptable)… and it was high at 13.8… so that’s good. Pleased with that.

I lay down at 1137 and by 1143 … 6 minutes and they had my 35th pint of blood 🩸

I was careful to sit for a bit afterwards, and took myself two tunnocks teacakes (I was egged on by a nurse to take another, but I was going to anyway – ha!). An orange juice, tunnocks teacake and a rest and I was ready to go home.

Out the other side of the building, the day had brightened up, and it would be an easier walk home (with the brolly down this time).

I was looking out for a rainbow and there might have been one or two when I was in there, but not when I walked home.

I plan to have a rest day today, drink plenty and get a good sleep before I run tomorrow morning.

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