Wk9 into Wk10 & new treats

Life took over a wee bit at the start of this week, so I didn’t blog about my training, but that’s ok. I also recognised that I needed a bit of time out to chill. here’s my update of what went and what I’m planning.

Friday last week went a bit haywire for a few hours in the morning, throwing me off kilter a bit, but a few chats with some good people and I found my way back to where I wanted to be.

Last week I did 3 runs, 1 strength, 2 spins, a yoga and lots of walking. About 14 miles running and about 19 miles walking.

I listened to what was going on day to day for me and I knew I needed a few rest / active recovery days, so had some good walks towards the end of the week.

Friday morning I had a bit of a shock; and needed to process it, so I went a good walk first thing and phoned a couple of good people to get some help. That worked well. I’ll not go into detail, but well seeing it’s one of those things that were part of a perfect storm and it’s all good now.

Last week was my first full week or aiming bit to be greedy (not eat 500 cals of sugar after dinner!), to track my calories simply in my fitness pal, to aim to eat around 30% protein and get a calorie deficit.

With plenty activity and walking, I managed to get a calorie deficit of about -200 a day or -1400 a week… I had about 2 ice creams, 2 Apollo bars and a small can of coke… instead of 5-7 of each. So being less greedy and eating less sugar got that deficit. And it also almost got my aim of 30% protein.

If I’d not have had the wee treats above it probably would have been 30%. But I wanted them so I had them, and it still under calories and a treat every now and again is fine… I just want to get away from the every day treats if I can and see what the result will be.

It seems the focus on not being greedy has worked a bit… the result for my weight is a drop of nearly 2lbs in a week. Just like when I tried this last year at the start of lockdown. I’ll keep going for March with it and see what happens. The graph should keep going down hopefully.

My sleep has been ok, but a bad sleep on Wednesday maybe contributed to the sh!t storm that was Friday morning. All good now. I’m still getting a good amount.

Other than that I have a few other treats coming my way… these custom metcons are due to arrive today I think … I’m excited as I’ve waited about a month for them. Not usual in this next day culture that we live in. Apparently they were made by someone in New Delhi! And they’ve travelled all the way to the UK to be delivered today.

The other thing I’ve done was take some time on Sunday to research a small camera to take on my runs. Since my Nikon KeyMission 80 went dead with an explore battery, I did try with a Canon Ivy Rec, but the photo quality isn’t great, you can’t see what you’re taking and the download prices isn’t great. It’s not a patch on the Nikon … but they’re discontinued.

I’m going to see if Nikon can do anything to help / repair / replace etc… but in the meantime I’ve bought a second hand Nikon S7000. It’s small 9.9cm x 6cm x 2.7cm, and light enough (161g), 16 mega pixels and has wifi transfer to devices. So hopefully it’ll do the trick. I didn’t get it for £20, but managed to get a good deal for it.

This time 4 years ago I was in London with work… here’s me running in the morning before it. It seems like an utter life time ago… so much has changed since then, in so many ways. It’s hard to even remember what it was like, but I know that good times like that can come back again for me.

As for my running now, in getting there with it. Last night I ran for about 40 minutes with Debbie. A good steady pace, even in the wind and rain. We got soaked through… I don’t know why we didn’t check the weather. But it was good to get out before it got dark anyway.

Here’s my plan for this week, training wise:

I might add in some walks, but that looks like a good mix of all the training in doing just now. And hopefully I’ll get to try my new trainers in the gym, and new camera on the run soon too.

Last thing is I got a nice wee present from a good friend yesterday. Someone who’s been there for me a lot in the last few years – the rainbow sign. Here’s Asda and Jasper, and some other nice bits I got from someone else in the last year or two.

Rainbow wishes and tiny kisses. I must count how many rainbow bits and prices I’ve got. They’re definitely catching up with my elephants!! 😂

Have a good week x

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