Sleep, day 4 calories and an ice cream

So last night I woke around 1 or 2am and found it hard to get back to sleep. I think I know why… but it’s interesting to me the impact that’s had on me today.

My app said I got 8 hours, but I think I was awake from about 2-5… so 10-2 = 4 plus 5-8 = 3… = 7. Not so bad as I thought. But still not great. And I felt groggy all day.

As I’d had a poor sleep, instead of getting up I slept in until about 8am, and ran at lunchtime instead. (The benefits of working from home, and having a nice supportive boss). 🏃‍♀️

I was tossing and turning for a few hours, then eventually got up about 4-5am… I was maybe a little dehydrated through the night, and may have…. (shhh) had a bit of a midnight snack of an Apollo bar (to help me off to sleep!) … but after the run today I didn’t feel great either.

I had all my food planned out, the usual balanced breakfast, and eggs on toast and a yogurt for lunch (after the run). And I had an apple mid morning to help fuel me for my run. Baked potato and beans for dinner. And maybe a protein bar if I fancied it (not forgetting the cheeky wee chocolate bar in the small hours!)

I did a 40 minute run which felt harder maybe than it should have done… avg HR 148 max 162. I thought it might have been the blustery conditions and my leg feeling a bit sore. But whatever it was, it could have been a better run. I’m glad I did it anyway and hopefully it’ll tire me out for a good sleep tonight.

I had my lunch, some water and a shower after the run, but it seems I’m a little bit gubbed.

And I felt it was the right thing to do… to swap the
– protein bar (212 cals / 22g carbs, 20g protein) OUT for a nice
– chocka ice cream … (249 cals / 19.2g carbs, 2.7g protein).

So there we have it… I managed about 3.5 days without ice cream. Not very impressive… but it’s good to have some balance, right?

I don’t think my feeling crappy was ice cream withdrawal, probably more to do with my crappy sleep, and im sure studies show you reach for sugar on days like this… the answer is, get your sleep right and it should be easier to not reach for the ice cream / sugar!

I’m still under my calorie goal for the day and the week, so I’m forgiving myself for that. (Although what I probably need is some sleep, not sugary food!)

Now here’s my calories and stats for the week so far:

1 March : ✅
1,979 cals burned (379 active)
1,804 cals consumed
= -175 deficit
(141g/32% protein, 169g/37% carbs, 63g/31% fat) ✅

2 March : ✅
2,237 cals burned (637 active)
1,900 cals consumed
= -337 deficit
(132g/28% protein, 207g/43% carbs, 63g/29% fat) ✅

3 March : ✅
2,039 cals burned (439 active)
1,929 cals consumed
= -111 deficit
(162g/33% protein, 187/38% carbs, 64g/29% fat) ✅

4 March : ❓
1,995 cals burned (365 active)
1,879 cals consumed
= -116 deficit
(104g/22% protein, 236g/51% carbs, 55g/27% fat) ❌

2,063 average daily cals burned
(445 active cals on average)
1,878 average daily cals consumed
-185 average daily deficit (or -1,300 per week)

I’m still around my target of 30% protein … but the carbs / sugar is creeping up (ice cream, two Apollo bars and a baked potato will do that).

It’s way too early to say definitively if this is working to reduce weight, but I’m down 2.5lbs in 4 days… although that could be water. Who knows. It’s a long process, and a month long at least, so wee will see.

In the meantime, here’s Charles Rennie Macintosh with his mask on, from my run today. Don’t you just love Glasgow?

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