Wk8 into wk9 training & February totals & thanks

I’m getting into the swing of cross training, doing less running overall, but I’m in the gym regularly, doing strength, stretching and spin.

Here’s what I did last week:

No wonder I was a bit tired by Saturday. 16 miles walking over about 6 walks, 31 miles cycling including 7 miles outdoors for the first time in a while. I did 4 strength sessions and will have done 2 stretching / yoga sessions. 3 runs of just over 11 miles in total.

It’ll end up being an average of about 10,000 steps per day too.

The format and balance of my training seems to continue to work for me. And my sleep has improved again, an average of about 9 hours a night in the last week. Exercise will be tiring me out, but also some certainty in work has helped too.

My February totals for training are as follows:

Running – x10, 37 miles
Cycling – x10, 78.4 miles
Walking – x16, 35.4 miles
Strength – x16, 2:30 on average each week
150.8 miles in total

I ran a bit more than last month, and about 3 times a week, totalling 37 miles. This will hopefully build within March. My legs still aren’t 100% but the change in running style is working, I think. Still important to listen abs build it up slowly. I’ve introduced strength work which specifically works my legs, so hopefully that will help.

Most of my cycles have been Apple Fitness cycle or spin sessions. I’m really enjoying them – usually with Sherica, Bakari or Kym, 30 or 45 mins.

I did one outdoor cycle, which nearly had me run o et by a big Land Rover (the driver was coming out of a junction and somehow didn’t see me in my flourscent gear!). But all was fine. That’s why cycle tracks / lanes are good if you can get on them.

I’ve walked less in February; but some of that is to do with working, and doing all of the other training I’ve been doing.

For once I’ve got into a good rhythm of doing strength work on about 4 days per week… it all feels well balanced, between running, walking, cycling, strength and stretching. 2:30 hours on average per week doing strength / stretching is good, and I’m enjoying it.

I’m doing my own thing on a Monday, then doing 2-3 Apple Fitness strength workouts, or another one of my own to work in what I want to / mix it up.

Here’s my plan for training next week – the same pattern that has been working for me. And once again, if I need a rest day, I’ll take it.

And finally, remember my post about giving and receiving and how nice it is? Well this week I have a present … to a nice person…

And another nice person gave me a present for helping them…

A nice rainbow charm which had gone on another rainbow bracelet I have.

Nice. Better not count how many rainbows I have now… quite a lot… but not as many as the amount of elephants I have. 😂

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