Giving is good…

I’ve been lucky enough recently to receive some nice presents and cards out of the blue.

The other day I got a nice card and message from a friend, and then out of the blue; a parcel from Poland, that had a grey hoodie with a rainbow on it.

Not so long ago I also got a nice little card and ladybird from a good friend who was thinking of me.


And I was absolutely stunned into happy tears in 2015 when out of the blue my brother and his family sent me this elephant box and other elephants.

I’ve received quite a few elephants and rainbows in the past… from nice people and I appreciate and love every single one…

But it’s not just elephants and rainbows, it’s sheep and a duck from my friend, and a giraffe from the lovely Norma, who’s sadly no longer with us.

And Morag the cat with her passport etc was great fun.

Hey, even the long list present I found hidden in my Mum’s after she had passed away was nice. Even though it was probably decades old and a very out of date Christmas cake! It’s the thought that counts.

For my 40th birthday last year I was spoiled by lots of people – rainbows, flowers, balloons, bracelets, cards. It was so lovely.

Receiving gifts is great isn’t it. Knowing that someone is thinking of you. But recently, I might have got a bit carried away with giving presents and cards to let people know I’m thinking of them too.

I guess I know the nice feeling you get when you receive something to know someone is thinking of you, so I’m maybe paying it forward to others. Maybe lockdown has made it easier, or more in people’s minds to do. Since it’s such a strange time for everyone.

And there’s the rose for my garden, and the other rainbow inspired gift from one really lovely friend, who I would simply trust with my life. I miss her and her family lots.

Surprises are good, but I like to know who’s sent them. I’ll never forget this mug from someone special who landed to keep it a secret for over a year, until one day she just piped up and told me it was her.

And I was totally flummoxed by this, which turned out to be from my brother.

It’s so nice to have people be nice and grateful to you.

I got this little elephant … for luck…

And this good luck rainbow bracket and card…

And this lovely rainbow bracelet too…

And another rainbow bracelet, like this one, from Sweet Rosie…

And a mug…

How lucky am I?!

Studies show that when we give, the good feeling hormone oxytocin is released. And I can totally feel the feel good vibes when I’ve been doing the following this year.

So I’ve received lots of nice things, but here’s a list of things I’ve given / sent:

– a woolly hat for a friend.
– a medium glass rainbow to let a friend know I thought she was ace and I was thinking of her 🌈
– a balloon 🎈and moonpig card for a colleague who is leaving work.
– a small and medium glass rainbow 🌈 for a colleague who’s been there for me, and to celebrate the birth of her baby.
– a bird bath for my Dad and step mum.
– a surprise gift / cheque for two special sisters, because I can. 👍🏻
– an early birthday present of a kite 🪁 for a friends 3-4 year old.
– a framed picture 🖼 for that family.
– a purple poncho towel thing for a swimmer ex colleague / now friend and I’m so impressed with how she’s got through the last year or so, and come out the other side, inspiring and seemingly so very strong. And her writings have been awesome. 🏊‍♀️
– Christmas masks for nice people 😷
– two mugs with birds on them for two special people in my life.
– a Christmas parcel for each of my uncles, with little gifts that I think they’d like.
– a medium glass rainbow 🌈 for a colleague who’s been there for me through thick snd thin in the last we while, effortlessly!
– a balloon 🎈and moonpig card for a good friends birthday.
– a sheep toilet roll holder thingy. 🐑 Don’t ask.
– another medium glass rainbow, 🌈 but I’m picking my moment to gift that.

You’ll see a theme of rainbows in there, and I’ve written before about my ‘Rainbow Thanks’ – – when after my Mum passed away, I realised that throughout my life there have been some really key people who have been there for me.


And since then, I’ve gifted a small rainbow to a very good friend…

… and another to a colleague, or two… colleague who’d made their mark on me, and either helped or really inspired me.

If you’re wondering where I get all my glass rainbows from – check out and like – Rainbow Lux Glass:

Kelly runs her small business, alongside her family, and I’d really recommend her work, and her business – here’s here website:

Give it a look to and a like.

I have a feeling Kelly likes me too, as a regular customer, she often sends me wee surprises in with my orders.

Look – I got another rainbow from her with my recent order. How cute. It made me smile anyway.

(I now have maybe 15 or so rainbow themed bits and pieces dotted everywhere, catching up with my 27 elephants 🐘). Ha!

I don’t think I’m even joking with those numbers… as my brother would privacy call me … crazy elephant and rainbow lady!

So there we go. This is not meant to be a boastful post telling you how much I’ve given… it’s just sharing how good it feels to give, and to be able to give.

Giving is good. Being kind is ace. But it doesn’t even need to be cards and presents, it could be time. Or reaching out to a friend with support – a phone call, a chat, to listen and maybe make a difference to someone you care about.

And hopefully they’ll be there for you one day when you maybe need them, or you don’t even realise you need them. I know I remember those who have been there for me, and I’d move mountains for them. You know who you are.

Thanks to all of those who are there for me / if you ever need me, you know where I am.

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