Wk6 into wk7 training

These posts are generally for me to look back on my week and how my training went, and to plan the next week. They help me to be consistent with my training, and in getting a balance with things like sleep etc.

A weekly check up of where I’m at, what went well, what went not so well and what I’ll aim to do better next week. Since lockdown and working from home it’s probably become easier to be consistent with my training – with the garagym on my doorstep and my aim to get rid of my injury…

Apple Fitness has been a good game changer to get some good spin and strength workouts in, and now I’m trying out their HIIT and yoga too.

Here’s what I did last week –
– 3 spin sessions
– 3 strength / HIIT sessions
– 3 walks 8.3 miles
– 1 run (due to the snow / spin as cardio instead)
– 1 yoga session / rest day

My sleep improved, letting go of some things, and focusing on what’s next and what I can control.

I felt a bit gubbed on Thursday and took a good rest day. It and a few good spin sessions, and a relaxing weekend seemed to do the trick.

Now here’s the plan for training next week:

A similar mix to last week, with some runs in the mix, keeping them short… maybe even shorter than 4 miles depending on how Monday mornings run goes.

I’m enjoying my strength work and cross training anyway. The balance of it all keeping the endorphins flowing and helping my sleep too probably.

We’re very fortunate to have this space and set up. It’s good to have been able to make it cool and work for us.

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