Wk5 into Wk6 & ‘It’s a sin’

Last week went well for me training wise, plenty gym and stretch work… including about 3-4 strength sessions and 2 yoga sessions (Apple Fitness). I had a rest day on Tuesday and an active recovery day on Sunday.

I did 3 short runs, 1 spin session and a few short walks.

Mon: 40 min Strength / 1.8M walk

Tue: Rest
Wed: 2M Run / 20 min Yoga
Thu: 31 min Strength / 31 min Spin
Fri: 3.1M Run / 31 min Strength / 0.7M walk
Sat: 5.4M Run / 2.5M walk
Sun: 25 min Yoga / 30 min Stretching/ Strength

I was a little sore after my two first runs of the week, but ok on and after the longer run on Saturday. Although my calves are quite tight, probably from intermittently running on my toes, to see if that helps a bit.

Since I’m running short distances, I thought I would try changing my stride to see if it helps my right leg / hamstring. I’m being careful though as I know that changing your foot strike can sometimes lead to injuries, so I’m trying to build any toe strike running up slowly. We will see.

I did some good bits of foam rolling today anyway, after a yoga session and some stretching. Shorts for the yoga / stretching session today – I’m not sure it was warm enough. Maybe capris next time.

Here’s the plan for next week, 8-14 February, sort of using this last week as a template… if the runs are going well, I might run for a bit longer, but I’ll see how it goes.

Mon: 45 min Strength / 1.5M walk

Tue: 2.5M Run / 20 min Yoga
Wed: 30 min Strength / 30 min Spin
Thu: 3.1M Run / 30 min Strength
Fri: 45 min Spin / 1.5M walk
Sat: 45 min Hill Run / 2.5M walk
Sun: 30 min Strength / 20 min Yoga / 2.5M walk

A good mix of strength, cardio and walking. And this is the 40-45 min full body strength season I’ve been doing on Mondays:

The only thing that might get in the way a bit next week is the attic blast from the east… it’s due to be pretty horrible and cold again. Boooo. So instead of running first thing and risking ice, I might wait until lunchtimes to run when it’s a little warmer.

I just need to wait and see, and I could always swap a run out for an indoor bike or spin session.

In other news, I watched the first ‘It’s a Sin’ on channel 4 on demand last week… well worth a watch for a reminder of how far we’ve come with gay rights, human rights and anti racism etc.

And the way AIDS was in the early 80s too – quite frightening if it’s an accurate reflection of how it was then. It sort of made me glad I don’t really remember the 80s (and before). I read that the programme has led to a massive increase in people getting tested, diagnosed and treated, so that’s good.

Worth a watch if you’re interested in that sort of thing, I say.

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