Customised Nike Metcon 6’s

Since maybe around 10-15 years or so I’ve tied with the idea of getting customised Nike’s from their website, but I’ve never actually done it.

Now in times of covid where we’re in lockdown and:
– not a lot else is happening
– setting up a WiFi plug is one of the most exciting things of the year so far – I’m not spending as much money as usual
– it’s a council tax break month…

Now might be the time to do it.

You can go onto the Nike app or website, pick your customised trainer type and pick any variation of colour versions.

So that’s what I did! They’re for the gym, so I wanted to try and keep some sort of garagym theme… with whites, oranges and blacks … and with a bit of pink … to make me wink.

Here’s what I came up with –

Customises version 1

At first I though black top … orange and pink with white laces. White soles all the way.

Customised version 2

Then I got a bit of contrast with dark orange laces …

Customised version 3

I designed an orange and red pair before… but I’m not too sure bout these.

Customised version 4

Then I thought, try white tops… the opposite of black and it felt like they were starting top look a bit nicer. (Plus they’ll be fully indoor shoes so easier to keep clean!)

Customised version 5

Orange tongue and white laces… grey swoosh, and grey touch at the back.

Customised version 6

Then I think these are the ones I might go for… a mixture of all of them, into one pair which I like the best I think.

Which ones do you prefer? Comment below or on my page. 👍🏻

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