Travelling / holidays

I’ve been really missing travelling, as I’m sure many others have been … our annual holidays abroad to America or Europe – to sun or cities… but now I’m even missing the short trips and visits to people outside of Glasgow, to visit friends, or go to the beach and fly my kite and eat ice cream.

I’d give anything just to travel in Scotland right now, and visit friends and family, but it’s not to be.


I know we need to do it – not travel – and why, but with cancelled holidays last year, and not much hope for holidays this year and not knowing when I’ll be able to travel out of Glasgow… I thought I’d reflect back and remember all of the places I’ve / we’ve been.

Lovely Glasgow

It turns out we’ve been to LOADS of places… adventurising, having great fun and making wonderful memories.

Here’s my list:

Cyprus ☀️ Mallorca 🏖 🏊‍♂️ Staycation – Tour of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Cyprus ☀️ Orkney / Edinburgh / Lochaline trips 🚙 Mull finding an ‘IF’ gravestone! 🙄 Northcoast 500 (before it was a thing) 🚘 Crete – Malia 🍸 Amsterdam 🖼 New York 🗽Spain 🏖Cyprus ⛱ Barcelona 🌃 Dominican Republic 🚤 Portugal – Carvoeiro 🚲 Lanzarote ☀️🚲 San Francisco 🚲 🌉Chicago 🏙 West Highland Way Walk 🏔 Near Keith 🏰 👰🏼 San Diego ☀️ Italy – Lake Garda 🏖 Edinburgh Castle 🏰 👰🏼 Vancouver 🌳 / Las Vegas 🚁 Grand Canyon 🎰 Fuertaventura ☀️ Tortonto 🎆 Portugal – Vilamoura 🏖 South Queensferry ⛅️ Portugal – Lisbon 🌃 Jersey 🐄 New York 🗽Bear Mountain 🐻 🏔 Dalbeattie 🌳 Tenerife ☀️ 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👧Portugal – Faro ☕️ Newcastle/Greenside 🚘 Boston 🌇 Anstruther (2020 staycation) ☔️ Visits to Inverness / Wick / Stonehaven / Musselburgh / Dunbar / Penrith / London / Lochaline / Kinlochleven / Skye / Beaches 🏖 to fly my kite 🪁 / Glasgow Parks 🌳 etc

Revisiting New York

Quite a lot of places… and such fun and happiness shared. I don’t think I missed any out… I’ve also been to Shetland, Salford, Birmingham, Inverness, Aberdeen (Inverness, Edinburgh) and Stornoway, but they were with work, so probably shouldn’t be on the list above. 😂

My favourite place was probably San Francisco, and we may go back. Last year we planned to go back to Vilamoura, and then Washington and Philadelphia. I’m sure we’ll get there one day. But in the meantime we’ll see what Glasgow has to offer.

The Clyde

(It is pretty ace really, even in winter… although I’m liking forward to warmer weather and some sunshine!)

Me in a forest near Inverness

Where’s your favourite holiday destination? And given my list above, where would you recommend I travel to next?

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