Wk4 into Wk5

With the cold and the ice I’ve not been running too much… sticking to the gym and walks instead. I did a good run on Thursday, and another on Sunday, and arranged to go a run with Debbie on Monday. I possibly shouldn’t run two days in a row, but I’ll see how it goes.

Once again last week, I balanced my training out, with 2 spins, 2 strength days, 2 runs and more walking. Feeling good on it. Although I did stop on Friday and Saturday for a couple of good rest days.

The way I plan my training is to plan / put in something every day, but listen to my body, and if I’m tired or need rest I’ll take it. And without any guilt too – as I know rest and active recovery is part of the programme.

Winter and the cold is starting to get to me… and with no warm sunny holidays to look forward to … it’s seeming to make this lockdown the worst. Or maybe it’s just because it’s all gone on so long, and who knows when we’ll be out the other side.

I’m being careful to remember the good stuff and feel fortunate for all the positives, and I’m also taking time to think about what I’ll be doing going forward. It feels like this year is a good time for change.

Next week I plan to balance my training out again, as above. Maybe three runs, max 4 miles, but maybe shorter some days. 2-3 strength days and 2 spins. That should keep me active and well.

Apple fitness is really coming into its own… it’s a brilliant thing to be signed up to. On demand workouts with the duration, trainer and music of your choice. Any time, any where. I’m enjoying the strength workouts and the spin sessions.

In the mornings when I have my coffees before I workout, I’ve been listening to Ted talks… (instead of going onto social media!) … and these ones stuck out for me:

Lucy Hone: 3 secrets of resilient people

3 secrets of resilient people:
1. accept and understand that hard times are part of life.
2. be grateful.
3. ask yourself, is this action helpful or harmful for me? It’s a good listen 🎧 👍🏻

Scott Dinsmore: How to find work you love

Jordan Raskopoulos: How I live with high-functioning anxiety

Today I’m going to finish the week by having an active Sunday, out for a run, and in the gym for a 30 minute spin session. Maybe a walk, but we’ll see. There’s not much else to do, so might as well wrap up warm, get some movement in and the endorphins flowing!

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