January Totals

Here’s my totals for January:

Cycling: 64 miles / 8 spin sessions 🚴 (36% of miles)
Walking: 80 miles / 25/31 days 🚶‍♀️(46%)
Running: 31.5 miles / 8 runs 🏃‍♀️ (18%)
Strength: 8 hrs 45 mins / 13/31 days 🏋🏼
= Total mileage: 175.5 miles

6 rest days / 25 active days
8.5 hours sleep each night on avg (not the best sleeps though, must do better!)

2,996 Cycling cals (20%)
6,324 Walking cals (40%)
3,075 Strength cals (20%)
2,983 Running cals (20%)
= Total calories: 15,378

I haven’t cycled outside mostly due to the cold / icy weather, but I’ve taken advantage of the Apple Futness workouts, doing about 2 spin sessions a week, between 30-45 minutes. The coaches are and their motivational chat is great.

This month I walked the most miles… 80 miles, up at the miles I was walking in September and October. Some of that will have been to do with having time off / and in lockdown. But it’s also likely because I’m not cycling / running as much.

And the week I went back to work… I hardly walked at all… so I’ve started going out at lunchtimes to get some daylight for 20-30 mins if I can. Working from home is good, but I miss my short walks to and from work, so I’ll try to keep some walks up when I’m working.

And walking clocked up my most calories burned, burning about double the other activities… 6,300… or 40% of my activity calories. It’s good for you! And after work I got some nice snaps too.

I was in the gym about 13 out of 31 days… or just under 9 hours. Taking advantage of the Apple Fitness workouts again, and doing some physio workouts too.

We’re lucky to have everything we need in out Foxy’s garagym… 🦊 🏋🏼 and getting the heating on a timer helps too. I’ve tended to be doing 30 min strength workouts from Apple Fitness, and up to about 45 min physio workouts.

Running hasn’t been too great for me in January… for just about every run I’ve ended up with pain in my upper right leg… hamstring / glute. It seems to be getting better – a 3 or a 4 out of 10… and I’m getting physio, but today was the first day I really felt like giving up on it. Running is great, but not if you’re sore from doing it. ☹️

Part of the recovery is building it up very slowly, listening to my body and finding out what works in terms of physio and recovery… and not letting myself push it.

So February will see me focus on more regular / shorter distances, on flat. Stretching and foam rolling after it. And strength / spin / cycling / rest on other days.

I managed to run 31.5 miles in 8 runs in January. A little more than in November, but not as much as I’d like. I’ll aim for 3 runs a week, but no more than 4 miles, starting back with 2.5 miles.

This was me today on my run… just as it was starting to get sore, so no idea why I was smiling. 😂

With 6 days rest out of 31 and 25 active days, it felt about right. My sleep has been a bit crappy, but I’ve been a bit better at not getting up in the middle of the night.

There’s been maybe 8 or 9 nights when I’ve woken at about 2-4am… mind wide awake… and sometimes I’ve got up. But I know it’s best not to if I can. So I’ve listened to audiobooks which usually help. Overall it’s been good really – about 8.5 hours sleep a night on average.

My body clock is set so I wake at 6am (even on weekends) but I’ve been getting a lie in til 8 or 9 at weekends. My week day routine is working well though, wake at 6, wake properly at 630, coffee etc, workout from about 715-730 etc.

The last numbers I’ll share with you are my blood pressure, resting heart rate and poundage…

My resting heart rate for January was 52….
My blood pressure today was 115/77.
All good.

My weight graph has rebounded back up after being lowest in Summer…but it’s still an overall reduction of a few pounds since the start of 2020. And it’s remained pretty steady really, even when I’m eating what I want.

More body fat than overall lbs lost … 4.4lbs… and a little bit of muscle added. I’m feeling good on it all anyway… it’s all seeming to remain stable.

Although I did have a daily habit of having a magnum each night…. and I’ve not bought any more, so let’s see if that makes any difference (ie me stopping being greedy).

That’s January over… finally… now the lighter nights and mornings will come in and Spring will be just around the corner. Hopefully the weather will improve a bit. I’m getting a bit fed up of the cold, particularly since there’s not option to go on holiday…

…but I’m seeming to be able to save more without spending in lockdown…so maybe we should plan a great trip somewhere sunny and warm once all of this craziness is over in late 2021 or into 2022?!

Here’s a reminder of Tenerife from 2019 before the world turned crazy. Aaaah. ☀️

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