New fancy fleecy flanci leggings

Ooft… look what arrived in the post today?!

I wouldn’t usually do this, but I saw the lovely Sandra Beattie with a pair of these on… fleece lined ones no less… and I felt I had to have a pair. (Ignore the slippers please!)

I ordered them a while back, and got an update to say they’d take a bit longer as they were on pre order, but I was happy to wait.

Flanci is a small business and I got this nice hand written card in the package.

Their website is here:

Their Facebook page is here:

They do all sorts of active wear in bright snazzy designs, and these leggings are just great.

I ordered the fleece lined, medium, long leg ones, and they fit me well (I’m usually a medium to large on the bottom – or a 12).

They have a zipped back pocket and an open deep pocket on the right leg which will hold a phone or other bits (my airpods!)

When I ordered them I thought they were maybe a little but on the expensive side – at £40 for a pair including postage. But now that I have them, I can see that they’re really good quality, a great design and worth every penny.

Great quality, great designs and great service. I’d really recommend the leggings and the company (and I’m not getting paid for this!)

And, now I’m Sandra’s twin too! 😉 who better to be twinned with?! (If you know her I’m sure you’d agree).

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