Wk2 into Wk3 training

Here’s the training I did last week.
2 short runs, 2 spin sessions, 2 strength sessions and a couple of walks. Two rest days – a nice wee balance.

Mon: 31 min Strength / 32 min Spin wi Bakari
Tue: 3.2M Run
Wed: 45 min physio strength
Thu: Rest
Fri: 45 min spin
Sat: 2.7M / 25 min Run
Sun: Walk 3.1M

My sleep was ridiculously bad, back to work… and I woke in the middle of the night about 4 out of 6 nights. Broken sleep, I tried to be better with it and got a couple of good night sleep. But I’ll need to do better with it next week. Wind down, relaxation, the ways I know to get to sleep… audiobooks etc.

But last week I did a few bits and pieces, and I have a feeling 2021 is on the way up. It’s a long time coming. I know that everything will be fine.

I probably could have got more training in, but with lack of sleep, I’m glad I got in just the above amount of exercise instead, with a good walk today instead of strength (which I’ll do tomorrow).

Next week I’m planning on this training, exercising first thing before work:

Mon: 30 min Strength / 30 min Spin
Tue: 2-3M Run (Physio)
Wed: 45 min physio strength
Thu: 2-3M Run
Fri: 45 min spin
Sat: 3-4M Run
Sun: Strength / 30 min physio strength (or spin)

My running is being a little frustrating, my legs still isn’t right, but I’m working with it and trying what the physio is suggesting. I’m going to cut the distances back, and really listen; and get into the strength / physio exercises, and cross train too.

That’ll do me.

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