Wk1 into Wk2 & hanging on in there

The start of a new year, and whilst I was on leave, I was a little restricted by the snow… so I didn’t run for a week, but kept up my regular walks (about 25 miles across the week) and strength work, and had a couple of Apple Fitness spin sessions too.

Here’s what I did:

Mon: 1.1M walk (icy)
Tue: 6M walk / Physio
Wed: 31 mins Apple & 34 mins Physio Strength / 2.5M walk
Thu: 46 min spin / 4.6M walk
Fri: 21 mins Apple & 36 mins Physio Strength / 4.5M walk
Sat: 38 mins Physio Strength / 25 min spin / 2.8M walk
Sun: 10k Run / Walk later

As I was off work, and lockdown was in force, there wasn’t much to do, so I had some proper rest time, not rushing about… doing whatever we fancied… and getting out and about locally each day.

Today I did my first run in a week… just under an hour… and about 45 mins in my right leg was sore… so I’m going to limit my runs to 45-50 mins in January (long ones at the weekend, shorter 25-40 mins) through the week. My hamstring and hip still aren’t quite right, so I need to listen and be careful. I’ll build it up to regular three times a week in January but keep the distances short.

Lucky I have the garagym, strength work and Apple fitness workouts to fall back on.

Back to work tomorrow… my sleep has been good in the last week, but I need to turn my body clock back a bit, so that I’m exercising by 700-715 in the morning for between 40-90 mins … hopefully my good sleeps will continue.

It works for me to get the exercise done at the start of the day, then by the evening I’m tired and ready for a sleep.

Here’s my training plan for the week, and I’ll build the runs up to 45-50 mins once a week by the end of January:

Mon: Strength / Spin
Tue: 3M Run
Wed: Strength
Thu: 3.5M Run
Fri: Strength / Spin
Sat: 4.5-5M Run
Sun: Strength

There will be less walking for sure, as I’ll be working from home, but we may pop out for lunchtime walks on work days where I haven’t run… to get some fresh air etc.

The other thing that’s happening this week is that my Dad – Dr P, is going to be 80 on Saturday! Sadly we can’t be together due to the restrictions, but I’m hopefully going to arrange a nice surprise or two for him.

And I’m (sure he won’t mind me saying)… I’m pleased to say he’s getting the vaccine on Thursday too… so that’s good news.

We’re getting there with all of this… all of the sacrifice will be worth it… just a few more months… maybe into mid or late 2021, and we’ll get to be with our loved ones again…. and get back to some level of (perhaps changed) normal. Hang on in there!

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