2020 miles for 2020

Why do I do this with numbers… because it motivates me… my aim to get to 2020 miles for 2020 (by walking / running / cycling) hangs in the balance…

With about a week to go… I have about 50 miles to go… that would be too much to run, particularly now for me (with a sub par leg / glute) … but when cycling and walking is in the mix too… it could be achievable … if I keep it all going, and I listen to my body and feel ok doing it all.

Here’s where I’m at with with all:

Walking (aim 535) = 12.1M to go
522.9 miles walked by 24 Dec

Cycling (aim 600) = 18.5 to go
581.5 cycled by 23 Dec

Running (aim 885) = 18M to go
867 run by 24 Dec

If my maths adds up correctly, that’s 1971.4M run / walked / cycled by 24 Dec.

So here’s my plan for the last few days, and the next week before the end of the year.

Tue Rest
Wed physio & bike 9M – walk 2.2M ✅
Thu run 8.4M / 1.1M walk ✅
Fri 4M walk
Sat run 6M
Sun bike 9.5M – 3M walk

Mon run 6M
Tue bike 9M – 2.1M walk
Wed run 6M
Thu bike 9M (might not need this bike! – 3M walk

I’ll get some strength work in too… and I’ll eat lots and lots and lots!

I was out my run / walk today… and I was thinking, I could maybe just make it up to 2,000… and if that has to happen then fine… But I would prefer 2020… so wish me luck!

Will I make it…? I don’t know. Eeek.

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