How do you see 2020?

There seems to be a lot of focus on how bad 2020 has been… and it has been, across the world… from bushfires, to covid, riots, the death of George Floyd, helicopter and plane crashes, the explosion in Beirut, brexit looming, but what about the good?

The increased caring by humans to other humans, the increased use of technology to connect, rising above challenges, helping others, millions being raised, vaccines being developed and delivered. Embracing masks (or not).

2016 into 2017 was particularly challenging for me… but what makes 2020 different, is that everyone, across the world is dealing with the same thing – covid and it’s impact. It’s unprecedented… and we as a human race have risen up and faced it.

The big sad and horrible thing about it all is the millions of deaths across the world, and the impact of long covid on people and economies… but we’ll hopefully be ok. And with vaccines being rolled out across the world, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We’ll be changed as a society forever… but here I’m going to focus just on me… and how things have been good for me in the last year. Try to end 2020 grateful for everything.

But first a list of rubbish things… injury, sore leg, 3 months off running, not being able to travel and visit friends and family, isolation, two job applications / interview rejections, 2 holidays cancelled and not knowing when the next one will be. And I had my 40th birthday in lockdown too. Booo.

When in actual fact, all of that isn’t all that bad at all. First world problems. Covid didn’t impact us much, as we were able to keep our job, work from home comfortably, and had the space to work too.

So now for the good:

1. As above, I was able to work from home with stable systems, and plenty space. And most importantly I had a job… where many others are losing theirs / or impacted greatly.

2. Although I had two holidays cancelled, I got refunds and also saved money by not spending in lockdown… so I paid it forward and gave away a big amount to two special people who are starting out in their lives. That felt good, and will hopefully make a difference.

3. I was able to spend more time on focussing on what I ate, and took the opportunity of lockdown in March to stop eating anything I wanted… to see what the outcome would be… a bit of focus, and I lost 10lbs in about 3 months.

And now near the end of the year it’s all heading in the right direction too. Ok feeling good. Overall loss just over 6lbs, mostly body fat. I may have figured out what works I think! And working from home seems to, I think.

4. I also perfected my own egg sausage muffin for lunchtimes. yum (and working calories). And my poached eggs with salsa on a bagel.

5. And I attempted to get good at coffee art… but failed miserably… oh well. I tried.

6. More FaceTime calls with my Dad and step mum. And more calls with other people too. Zoom in work, everyone has had to embrace it and whilst it’s different and has its own challenges, it’s helped people to connect. We’ve about to get fibre broadband in soon, so that should improve it a bit too.

7. Whilst my injury and pain around it has been annoying, I’ve been able to do other exercises, and with a bit of work and effort, I can feel myself getting over it and back to running. Cycling has been cool, and I’m lucky to have my bike, and also the garagym set up with everything we need.

8. I’ve taken it to the next level with WiFi int he garage, and Apple Fitness + will be a great thing in the new year to mix things up and get some great training sessions in, with good tunes and trainers – right into out garagym, from across the world.

9. Sunrises and sunsets. This isn’t specific to 2020, but I’ve seen some brilliant sunrises and sunsets this year… it’s one of the things I like the most about getting up early to train in the autumn and winter.

10. And I’m lucky enough to have an iPhone 11 Pro which has captured some amazing shots. And now I’ve got myself a wee canon action cam to take out running with me too.

11. Being able to travel to Wick and Inverness earlier in the year and see friends and family.

12. This may sound like a bit of a small one… but it’s actually massive… the change in a more flexible way of working / from home, means that I’ve been able to be more flexible and get more sleep and keep on top of my training more.

The sleep is a key thing, when I get good sleeps everything becomes better… so not having to go to an actual workplace, and having more time in the morning to do what suits before logging on, has been life changing. And it’s something I hope to keep some of going forward.

13. Making new friends and dropping an elephant in pollok park.

14. Having a lovely lockdown birthday and receiving lots of lovely gifts from nice people!

15. Going away for a quick nice staycation in Fife in August.

16. Getting to spend lots of time with Fit Girl…out for walks and runs together (no pic as she’s shy).

17. Being driven around home by my grown up and talented niece.

18. Being at, and being allowed to be at the beach (and in my shorts and vest too!)

19. Flying my kite

20. Lots of rainbows popping up.

21. Our lovely garden and putting a new flower bed in, with my rose bush present centre stage and relaying some grass.

22. Running with my brother (before I got injured – maybe it’s his fault!

23. New trainers

24. Helping my friend with her twins, and getting to know other little kids too.

25. And finally, you guessed it… all the ice cream I got to eat. Yum.

Oh and here’s one of my fave ice cram pics… taken when I was up in wick at my brothers….

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