2020 miles for 2020?

It’s around about this time of year that I start to look at my running mileage totals and see if I can round it up to the nearest 50 or 100 miles.

In the last few years, I’ve managed to run around 1,000 miles each year… and in the 11 years I’ve been running, I’ve run over 11,400, all tracked with my garmin(s).

This year is a bit different and the first time I’ve been injured for years. The last time was maybe 2012 with an IT band injury (touch wood). This year I’ve taken about 3 months off running between August to November.

So by mid December I’ve run just over 840 miles… and I might get to 880 the way I’m going… 3 runs a week… maybe 5-7 runs left.

It’s good to be back running, but it’s clear that I won’t get to 1,000 miles this year.

But then I looked at my other numbers… cycling and walking miles… and they all have the potential to add up to a rather familiar number… a year I think we’ll all prefer to forget – 2020!

I’ve cycled about 560 miles, and I probably have the potential to get to about 600 miles cycling…. so that would be 1,480 miles…

Then my walking… I’ve walked more in the tail end of the year, replacing the running… and so far I’ve walked around 515 miles…

So 1,480… plus say 540 miles walking… that would amount to 2020 miles. Although I stopped walking to and from work each work day from mid March, we walked more than we usually do at weekends, and when I wasn’t running, I replaced it with some walks (and cycles). I walked in rain and shine, and really enjoyed it.

So here’s the rough aim…

Walking (540) = 34.8 to go
/ 515.2 miles walked by 16 Dec

Cycling (600) = 47.5 to go
/ 562.5 cycled by 16 Dec

Running (880) = 38.1 to go
/ 841.9 run by 15 Dec

That could end up as a nice round 2,020 miles for 2020. Run bike walk – we’ll see!

15 days to go… do you think I’ll make it to 2,020 miles for 2020?

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