New Apple Watch & Apple Fitness +

Well well well… Santa came early in our house… my new Apple Watch Series 6 arrived on Monday… just in time for me to claim my 4 months free trial of Apple Fitness + that launched yesterday too.

On Monday night I updated all of our devices with the new software – 14.3 on devices or 7.2 on the watch. And I made sure that the WiFi and Apple TV were all connected and up to date in the garagym too.

The Apple website says that anyone who has bought an Apple Watch series 3 and above after 15 Sept can get 3 months free trial, plus the standard 1 month free… then after that it’s £79.99 for the year, which is pretty good I think.

We’ll be able to do various workouts (see them all above) … I think mainly the ones I’ll do are the cycling, strength, HIIT and mindful cool down. But it’s so varied – with so many different options, trainers and music.

You can do the workouts from your phone anywhere, but we’ll likely do them mostly in the garagym, on the Apple TV and big telly. You can filter by and choose the type of workout, the trainer, duration and music, and then you just go.

I managed to sign up today, but I had to go through to Apple Support to get a redemption code. Then I redeemed the trial. And I played some workouts (on my phone) in the background whilst I was working – to get an idea… they seem really good.

If you have a series 3 Apple Watch and above the system links it all to your watch and your rings. Very cool.

And you don’t need to buy and apple watch to try it – you can try it for free for a month, and cancel before the subscription starts.

See more at the link below, or update your iOS to 14.3 and then see it in the Apple app (above) that you track all your activity in.—productid—-Announce-

This (along with our new garagym set up) may be the best thing to come out of 2020 I think! (Not that it had much competition!)

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