You never know …

The other day in work… someone instant messaged me about something work related… then she checked in how I was doing…

… and then she randomly said a nice thing which made me smile… she said…

> ‘Every one needs a Lorn in their life.’

I joked that I didn’t think any other half would agree… having been locked down with me for countless months… and then I got a bit more serious, thanked her, and said it meant a lot.

It didn’t take much for her to say that, and she said it just at the right time – a simple few words over messenger, which made my day and reminded me of a few things.

There are a few people I’ve noticed are checking in with me, and I’m checking in with them and others. It’s good, and it’s good to pass it on – colleagues, friends, family, people.

Be kind and say nice things to those you care about and work with, you never know how it’ll impact someone and make a positive difference to their day or week.

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