Be kind, be nice and help if you can

First Aid trained and Mental Health First Aid trained I am… but today I witnessed something which I couldn’t do anything to help… in the middle of a Glasgow Street, on the pavement near the Hilton Garden Inn… a young female cyclist curled up in a ball… having what it looked like a melt down of sorts.

She wasn’t near the road… and she had three people helping her. I was driving past and heard her first, then I decided I couldn’t drive by… so I did a u turn, got out and went across just in case I could be of help.

Her bike was on its side and she’d taken her backpack off, but it didn’t look like she’d had an accident. She was away from traffic, and on the main cycle path. But she was crying uncontrollably, and not seeming to want any attention from a couple of people around her.

It was about 4pm and it was dark, but the path was busy (the main cycle path near the Squinty bridge). She was sitting down on the pavement with her back to a wall, crying and screaming, with her hands over her face, knees up. It was a distressing thing to see, but I felt I needed to go and see if there was anything I could do to help (keeping my distance to what was happening).

I went over and saw a passerby man (with a mask on) was close and carefully asking her questions and seeing if he could help. Another lady, from the hotel I think, was close too, and a guy on a bike. All trying to do their best to help.

I listened, and the guy talking to her was handling it well… as well as I could have, if not better… He asked if she’d had a shock, or bad news. And she just cried and screamed, covered her face and started hitting her face with her hands.

I had kept a few metres away, but realised she probably needed space more than anything, so I stepped back to let those helping, help. She was being attended to, it seemed she didn’t want a fuss and I didn’t want to make the situation worse for her.

The guy tried to speak to her for a bit, but she was just screaming and crying, not wanting any help or attention, then she ended up lying down too… so the guy went on the phone to call an ambulance.

I explained what I saw to an hotel employee who came along, then I got back into my car and went to go about and do what I was going to do. I was hoping that the ambulance would show up soon, as there really seemed no way of getting through to her.

I passed again 25 minutes later In the hope that she was getting medical help, and three people were helping her, including the guy still onto 999. Now it looked like a male hotel employee / manager was out and they were talking with her, with a foil blanket over her to keep her warm.

It smacked me hard to know that someone was so upset and fragile enough to break down in the middle of the street… I have no idea what was going on and likely never will.

I’ve maybe been wrapped up in my little bubble, working from home, restricted from going places and seeing people, too much.

My lockdown has been ok, if a little frustrating / restrictive, but others haven’t, snd it’s important to remember that.

We’ve been in level 4 for a few weeks now, in Glasgow, but things have been restricted since March… as they have been for many areas around the world. I don’t know if her issue was to do with covid or not, but whatever it was. I hope she’s ok.

What I do know is that today people helped. Passersby did what they could, and offered to help, and the (Hilton Garden Inn) hotel staff helped (and stayed with her). I hope she got the help she needed, and she’s ok.

Just a reminder to be kind, be nice and help if you can. It might just make a difference.

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