Get back running – training plan

So here is my training plan for me getting back running non stop.

As you probably know, I’ve had an injury / pain in my right hip and glute… and I’ve had physio advice to build it up slowly, and include exercises on days off from running to build my leg back up again.

The aim will be to build endurance for running and build it all back up again so I can run comfortably without walk breaks.

I took it as it came in the first few weeks, trying repeats of 2 mins running 2 mins walking, but maybe overdid it a bit in the first week. It’s hard to get out of the mindset of thinking you and your body can do whatever you ask it to… so I’m back building it up slowly.

After runs and physio exercises I usually feel a bit of after exercise soreness, but not pain from an injury… so that’s good. I just need to take it slowly and build up over the next 6-8 weeks before I’ll be hopefully running 45-75 mins non stop by mid to late January.

I’m taking it probably slower than I would normally, but I don’t want to risk going backwards with my progress so far… so slowly slowly catchy monkey it is. I’ll get out some run (run walks) with others soon too… as I’ve been missing the social side of it.

Then hopefully 2021 can be a fresh start and all going well I’ll be able to build myself up slowly towards doing the Brighton Marathon in September (!)

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