Taking the garagym to the next level

Bit by bit over the last few years (since 2014) I’ve been adding bits and pieces to our Garagym … we use it a lot… so it has a fan heater, speakers, a TV and DVD player with some DVD workouts… weights, bands, a pull up bar, foldable bench… we’ve got what we need – and we use it a lot. It’s ace.

We’ve got a good spin bike in there too… a foam roller, mats, and a box and step. Dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells. I love it.

Here’s what it started off like… (after I’d painted the one wall and the floor).

And now it’s all set up… mascot and all.

We’ve got electricity into it just after we got it in 2017. A cable from the house, wired in by an Electrician.

But recently there’s been one thing that’s been slightly annoying me… no internet connection in the garagym. First world problems! Lockdown has clearly left me with some time on my hands to sort this out.

So I went about figuring out how to get the Internet into it… here’s how… it’s quite easy, and not too expensive.

You get a power link extender, which connects internet through the electricity circuit.

Plug one in the house, and one in the garage, then connect then both, and wire the extender in the garage into a device you’ll use, or another router to provide a WiFi or cabled network.

We recently got a new hub from sky which has two ports (instead of 4 like the old one used to have)… so the first thing I needed to get was a powered splitter, and an Ethernet cable to connect it to the router in the house.

So that was about £10 for that and the cable. And it means all of our cables devices are in and connected too.

Then I got the power line adapters – £33.

I set it all up and connected my old sky router, to the power line adapter in the garage with the Ethernet cable it came with. (See it under the shelves).

Then I had WiFi in the garage!

The next step is to get my Apple TV wired up to it… so that we can stream Apple fitness workouts to the TV whenever we want. It launches soon, and I’ll get a three month trial to see if I like it.

I’ll also be able to put my ipad or phone onto the spin bike (for a cheaper than peloton priced peloton bike type set up).

WiFi in the garagym now for steaming content, music and whatever. I’m well pleased.

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