Physio 3

So three weeks into doing physio and it all seems to be going well – phew.

I’ve progressed my exercises, and built up my runs steadily, being careful not to overdo it (like my runway brain wants to). Here’s what I’ve done the last two weeks (although I’m not running tomorrow as it’ll likely by me too icy, so gym for the bike and exercises it is):

I’m going to stick with the 45 minutes of run walking, and try to slowly increase the run intervals up to 5 minutes, running every third day, or maybe every second if I’m feeling ok.

And on the alternate days I’ll maybe cycle, and do these exercises….

– 90 90s / child pose stretches
– Pigeon stretches / hip flexor stretches
– Hip raises
– Hip CARs es
– Foam roll / ball into glute

– Squats 22kg x40 (focus on form)
– Reverse lunges 2x8kg x25-30
– banded clam shells (knees) x30es
– banded step walks (ankles) x50
– Single leg squats hips x30es (focus on form)

– Standing single leg holds 2x50s es
– Single leg deadlift x20es
– Good morning 20kg x30
– Weighted carry 20kg 2×8-10es
– Side bends 2x15kg 20es

Then my next and penultimate physio session is in 2 weeks on the 17th Dec. All going well – the pain seems to have gone, and now I just need to be careful to ease back into it all in the next few weeks up to Christmas!

It’s amazing what your body can do if you guide it and put the work in.

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