Wk48 into Wk49 & getting there

Nearly three weeks since my first physio appointment on 11 November, I’m making some progress with getting myself back running… it’s going to need to be slow and careful though.

I was a bit gubbed at the start of the week, for a number of reasons, so I listened to my body and took a good full rest day. Then I eased myself back into training building it up as the week went on.

On Friday after a good sleep, I felt a bit down, for a few reasons, but with some pain in my glute / lower back… it’s the build back up, and my body reacting to it.

I figured I could either mump and moan, or feel sad, or try a lunchtime run walk and see how it went. It went well – an easy 32 mins of 2 mins walking 2 mins running. Not only did I feel better after it, but I’m really glad I did it. It’s a fine balance and I need to get to know what that balance is.

Here’s what I did last week anyway, a good mix of run walking / cycling / physio and rest. And some good sleeps too.

Wk48 – 23 Nov
Mon: 14M outdoor bike / 15 min physio
Tue: Rest
Wed: 28 mins / 2.5M walk run 7×2:2 / 20 min physio strength
Thu: 25 min physio strength / 25 min spin
Fri: (Lower back/glute sore) / 32 mins / 3M walk run 8×2:2
Sat: 18M Bike / 4.4M walk
Sun: 42 mins / 3.8M walk run 10×2:2/ Physio Strength (evening) / 2M walk

After my first week of trying walk running a little too enthusiastically, I eased it off a bit last week, and cut the time back. But still built up on each run. The steady progression below needs to continue… whilst still listening to my body.

I’ve run 24 miles in November, and by the 30th I’ll have cycled the same amount as the previous month 141 miles… about 50 miles waking, and regular physio / foam rolling every day or second day.

My glute goes from being ok to being sore with use… like doms…. I know I just need to stick with it and build it all back up, if I have any chance of getting back running pain free next year. I’m up for the challenge, even if it takes a while.

Next week, here is my plan.

Wk49 – 30 November
Mon: 55 mins indoor bike / 25 min physio
Tue: 1 min ints indoor bike / 25 min physio
Wed: 42 mins 10×2:2 walk run
Thu: Rest / 25 min physio / Physio session 3 / 2M walk
Fri: 44 mins 10×2:2 walk run
Sat: Outdoor cycle / 25 min physio
Sun: 44-47 mins 10×2:30:1:30 run walk

The key thing is to try to remain positive, listen to what’s going on, and remember that this will pass. I’m doing what I can to make it all better, and I’m sure one day I’ll be back up and running for an hour or more.

Today we’re putting up the Christmas decs and I’m getting ready to plan out some presents etc. A nice wee relaxing Sunday. And we may go a we walk later on for some fresh air after the place is transformed into a winter wonderland with all of out Christmas fun. 😂

I’d better get up into the attic and get all of my Christmas jumpers down!!

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