Birds and their routine

Did I ever tell you about the birds and their routines I noticed?

When things were the way they used to be, when everyone is in work, I’d usually have a seat in the BBC Scotland headquarters, on the river side, up on the third floor.

So I’d be sitting at my desk, and around about 3-4pm, depending on the month and depending when it got dark, I’d notice 10s or even 100s of seagull doing a fly by… just at 3rd floor level… travelling west.

And when I’ve been out for my runs early in the morning and the sun comes up, I’ve also noticed that they fly in large numbers East… into town? along the river too.

Here are some bad pictures of them flying west… the other day.

So… here’s me thinking they live in Dumbarton or Clydebank somewhere, and they come into Glasgow each day… for some chips … or whatever food they can get.

Then they fly home at night to feed their babies. I bet they’re wondering what’s happened now, with Glasgow City Centre in lockdown, probably quieter than it has been in a while.

It’s maybe a weird thing to notice, but I always smile when I see them.

In Wick we call them ‘scorries’, but I never noticed them doing anything like flying along a river to get chips up there.

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