5 walk runs in…

So I’m 5 walk runs in, in 2 weeks and I’m getting there with it. I did my 5th one this morning, and although it still didn’t feel quite right, I can feel my hip / leg getting stronger with the build up of run and physio exercises.

Last week I did 3 walk runs of about 45-47 minutes, with physio too. This week I’m walk running a little shorter (28-32 mins) with physio exercises on other days.

Here’s the build up of running…

The strength / physio work has been helping too, but I’m keeping it short and focusing on building reps in one go / endurance.

Then tonight my garmin told me I was ‘peaking’ after a productive couple of weeks training.

Here’s the band I’m using for the physio exercises – clam shells and sideways walks.

That’ll do. Hopefully my leg continues to play and to get back fully running by the end of the year. Wish me luck!

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