Pizza, ice cream, physio and kindness

What a week it’s been. Long, stressful, pretty tough really… but I’ve taken it as it’s gone I’ve been keeping in touch with people to keep me sane… thank you all, you know who you are.

And this weekend it’s all about taking a wee bit of time out to chill and try to enjoy whatever lockdown means. I’m going to kick myself back up, dust myself down and get on with whatever the next few months to a year takes me.

Today it’s pretty cold out, but this morning I (and maybe all of Glasgow) was treated to a nice big rainbow. So I’m sure that everything will be just fine. Here’s one from Paul…

Today we had a very tasty home made pizza for lunch (not made by me, might I add… all Fit Girl’s handy work.

Then I had an ice cream and milk for afters. What more could I ask for (oh yeh, a coffee or two earlier and a wee mars bar later).

Then we went a nice wee 2 mile walk locally, had a nice chat with a neighbour, and after I sat with some music and chill out time.

Below is the exercise I’ve been doing as part of my physio and aim to get back running by 2021.

The physio is getting me to use snd build my hip muscles up… and last week I over did it a bit by Wednesday, but I just need to wind it back and find out what works for me, and get building it back up. It’s a fine line!

Physio on 11 Nov… then…

Thu: 12M Outdoor cycle avg HR 145 / max 163 / 30 min physio strength
Fri: 3.7M = 47 min walk run 10×1 run: 3 walk / 32 min physio strength / 13 min foam rolling
Sat: 55 mins Threshold Spin / 90 min massage
Sun: 4M = 47 mins walk/run 10 x1:30run:2:30 walk / nap & 20 mins physio strength

Wk47 – 16 Nov
Mon: 10M Outdoor cycle – no physio
Tue: 4M = 45 min walk/run 3 – 10×2:2 / 8 min foam roll / 35 min physio strength – hips sore from evening
Wed: 15 min physio / 1.4M walk
Thu: 8M outdoor cycle / 15 min physio strength
Fri: 2M walk (tried a wee 30 sec run, hip / hamstring didn’t feel right) & physio
Sat: Rest / 2M walk / 15 mins physio
Sun: 32 min walk/run 5 – 8×1:3

Here’s me last Sunday, all happy as the run walking seemed to be working… little did I know I’d do much on Tuesday and have to have a rethink. It’s hard having been a long distance runner, to trying to build back my body / hip up to being able to run again, but I know what to do.

Here are the exercises I’ll do on the days I don’t run, until my next physio session on the 1 December:

– 90 90s / child pose stretches
– Hip raises
– Hip CARs
– Squats x20
– Reverse lunges x20-30es
– Banded clam shells x30

– Banded walks x30-50
– Single leg squats hips x10-20es (focus on form)

– Standing one legged holds 60s es

– Run up to 28-32 min 2:2, x2-3 run/walks
– Do physio exercises on other days (with cycle if ok).

I’ll do something simple along the lines of this, walkrun evert third day…and build it gradually as long as it still all works:

Sat: 2M walk / 15 min physio
Sun: 28 min walk/run 5 – 7×2:2

Mon: Bike / 15 min physio
Tue: Bike / 15 min physio
Wed: 28 min walk/run 6 – 7×2:2
Thu: Bike / 15 min physio
Fri: Bike / 15 min physio
Sat: 32 min walk/run 7 – 8×2:2
Sun: Bike or rest / 15 min physio

Mon: Bike / 15 min physio
Tue: 32 min walk/run 8 – 8×2:2 / Physio 3 (2M walk)

It seems like a long and frustrating path to get back up and running with my hip injury, but I’ll take my time and I’m sure I’ll get there.

We’re further locked down until about the 11 Dec and it’s not all that bad really. We have everything we need, and life is good.

Today we bought our neighbour a wee present to make her smile. And I had some nice messages from some people too. It’s nice to be kind. 🙂

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